NowWeMOVE campaign shortlisted for European Excellence Award

ISCA has been shortlisted alongside Ericsson, Adidas, Southampton Football Club and Norwegian sportswear brand Kari Traa for a European Excellence Award in the category of Sports and Lifestyle for its NowWeMOVE campaign. The European Excellence Awards, hosted by the magazine Communication Director, is one of a few prestigious awards recognising companies’, consultancies’, associations’, institutions’ and […]

The Highlights of MOVE Week 2015

The 4th MOVE Week went beyond expectations! 43 participating countries, over 1700 cities, more than 5300 events and 3000 MOVE Agents activated Europe and Latin America this year. Hundreds of thousands of people had the chance to participate in various fun, active games, to try out new activities and to feel the joy of movement. BULGARIA […]

The art of motivating

By Nina Bay Rasmussen, Ollerup Academy of Physical Education, Danish MOVE Agent This autumn has been all about making Europe MOVE. MOVE Week took place all over Europe in September with a packed program filled with all sorts of movement. People could join a large variety of events. But even though people moved at these […]

MOVE Week goes underwater!

By Kristina Sekulic, Croatian MOVE Agent In Duga Resa, a small town in Karlovac county in Croatia, one MOVE Agent took the MOVE Week a step – under! The Underwater Activities Club Vodomar (meaning Kingfisher) gathered local school children on the bank of River Mrežnica to educate them on diving and ecology and to demonstrate […]

First European Sport Day about to become an annual tradition on the continent

777 Hungarian schools defied the wet weather to take part in the first European School Sport Day on 25 September. The main event of the day was organised on Margaret Island, Budapest, and more than 500 pupils participated. Because of the heavy rain, some of the disciplines, like football and volleyball, had to be cancelled, but the running […]

Ministry of Finance in Belgium celebrated the conclusion of MOVE Week

On Friday 25th of September Ministry of Finance in Belgium celebrated conclusion of their second MOVE Week with many different activities organised by and for their employees! The day stared with arrival of about 800 employees from all over the country to the grand final of MOVE Week in Brussels famous King Baudouin Stadium. People […]

MOVE Week news from Ireland with great tips for staying active at the office!

This year Ireland has organised something very special for the MOVE Week and promotion of physical activity around the country! On Wednesday 23.09.15 Community Games, HSE and Athlone IT organised a spin cycling challenge and completed a total of 293km. The cycling tour consisted of multiple relay teams that included 6 members who were cycling […]

MOVE Week in full swing in Belgium!

From 21.09.15-27.09.15 MOVE Week is held in Belgium this year! Many new participants are organizing different activities as well as partners from previous years are making bigger events than last year to promote physical activity around the country ! Heusden-Zolder is not an exception and are committed to organizing many events that include walking, cycling, mountain […]

NowWeBike in the Netherlands! How slow can you go?

Finding your move isn’t about being the fastest or the strongest – it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. That was the clear message at the first day of the Netherlands’ own take on the NowWeBike tour – Slowbiking. The tour started in Kapelle on Tuesday 22 September with the local children taking each other […]

Relive the biggest FlashMOVE ever – videos online now

Over 6,500 dancers and passers-by promoted MOVE Week in the biggest FlashMOVE ever last week, doubling the number of participants from last year. Flash mobs popped up simultaneously in around 70 cities in 22 countries across Europe on 13 September – with this year’s choreographers kicking off the celebrations in France on 12 September. Now […]