Full speed ahead for Latin America’s MOVE calendar in the coming months

Semana Muevela

The end of the year will find our Latin America members in their most active season. As winter arrives in Europe, ISCA will be moving people, and inspiring more to move others, in the southern hemisphere. With the hard work of SESC Sao Paulo, as coordinator and organiser, there are two main events we need […]

We still need Messi, we still need Ronaldo


These were the closing words of External Trainer Antonio Saccone’s presentation on the first day of the offline training for the Youth in the MOVE project this week. Developed by ISCA (Denmark), SESC Sao Paulo (Brazil), UBAE (Spain) and V4Sport (Poland), the Youth on the MOVE training gathered 29 participants, 3 trainers and 8 experts, […]

Get ready for MOVE Week in Latin America this November!

The fifth edition of the European MOVE Week wrapped up yesterday, and soon it will be time to MOVE Latin America! It is now confirmed that the fourth edition of MOVE Week Brazil (Semana Move Brasil) will take place from 19-27 November. In a country where more than half of the population states they are […]

Move Mulher moving women in Brazil

Throughout March, Move Mulher (Move Woman) has promoted sport and physical activity to women and girls all over Brazil. The initiative is part of the Move Brasil Campaign, developed by SESC (Social Service of the Commerce) and inspired by the International Sport and Culture Association’s NowWeMOVE campaign, and was created with the purpose of encouraging […]

What time is it? It’s time for MOVE Week!

It’s that time of the year – time to get communities around Europe moving and celebrating the continent’s biggest sport and physical activity festival: MOVE Week. This year, MOVE Week is stretching from 7-30 September to support the European Week of Sport, and many countries have designated 21-27 September as the week MOVE Week will […]

7500 MOVE Week events to take place in Europe and Brazil next week

And we’re still counting! Next week will mark the start of MOVE Week in many European countries and Brazil, and the event count is rising by the minute. The Move Brasil campaign, inspired by the NowWeMOVE campaign, is holding its Move Brasil Week (Semana Move Brasil) to coincide with the European MOVE Week this year, and […]