One-minute inspiring stories: Debbie Rodrigues

Discover our new blog section: “One inspiring story to read in one minute”. The concept is simple: in our busy and demanding lives, we don’t have much time to spend on reading stories that could change our lives. But what if they only took one minute to read? That’s why we have started a new, […]

Five good habits to keep active and warm during winter

Winter is coming… And while it’s tempting to go into hibernation mode, you still need to stay active! Here are five active habits you can add your daily routine, which can help keep your motivation and body temperature up without turning up the heating. 1) Start your warm-up routine before you get out of bed Good […]

“We must create leaders in fitness and physical activity… then we can build a healthy world’’

What is it like to MOVE people in Greece and why does physical activity have a crucial role in people’s lives? Epaminondas Konstas is an active MOVE Agent in Greece, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor. He has graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Democritus University of […]

How young people can motivate themselves…

By Lucia Stevens, Ollerup Academy of Physical Education When you are young, people will often tell you that life is about finding what you love doing and doing it. One very demotivating problem with this is if you don’t know what you love doing. For some, this creates paranoia that maybe you don’t have (or […]

The art of motivating

By Nina Bay Rasmussen, Ollerup Academy of Physical Education, Danish MOVE Agent This autumn has been all about making Europe MOVE. MOVE Week took place all over Europe in September with a packed program filled with all sorts of movement. People could join a large variety of events. But even though people moved at these […]

Organising Multiple Successful Events – An Example From a Young Bulgarian

Dimitar Iliev – a 28-year-old teacher in a sports school in Sofia, Bulgaria, has become a source of inspiration to others. Even though it is not not always easy to organise an effective event, Iliev impresed the NowWeMove team with his passion – last year, all by himself, this young man managed to add a swarm of events to MOVE Week, worthy to […]