If you had the power to move people, who would you target?

Youth on the MOVE change-maker Shane O’Donnell tells how the NowWeMOVE programme inspired him to make a difference in Ireland. By Shane O’Donnell, extract from his original blog post ‘Active Future Programme: Using Physical Activity to Promote Education amongst Adolescents At Risk of Early School Leaving’ At the beginning of the year I was lucky […]

Why fitness is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle

By Debbie Rodrigues (Debbie in Shape) You surely have already heard a lot about fitness. But have you ever taken the time to understand why you need fitness in your life today? I wouldn’t be surprised if your answer is no. It happens to most people. But I’m here to share with you 3 reasons why […]

Defying the “inferiority complex” in physical activity advocacy

The plenary session of the MOVE Congress 2015 on 6 November aimed to connect the data with the doers in physical activity promotion. In other words, grassroots stakeholders in physical activity are the mobilisers who can deliver compelling data to policy-makers, provide the solutions and ultimately make a difference. But often they are lacking the […]

ISCA President shares ISCA/CEBR report findings and MOVE Week projections at European Parliament CULT Committee hearing

The economic cost of physical inactivity in Europe came to the fore in the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) meeting and workshop on 14 September. Other key topics on the agenda were the roles of social inclusion, integration, education and culture in the promotion of sport and physical activity. But after a […]

MOVE Quality 2015/2016 application deadline extended

If you’re running a grassroots sport initiative for hard-to-reach populations in Europe and want to improve its quality and reach, you still have a week to apply for the next round of MOVE Quality.   How to apply: 20 initiatives will be selected to go through the MOVE Quality process in 2015/2016. Applications must be […]

Call for applications for MOVE Quality 2015/2016

Are you offering a physical activity initiative for hard-to-reach populations in your community? Do you want to enhance the quality of your initiative but don’t know how? Experts in your field are waiting to help you move your initiative forward and reward you for it! What is MOVE Quality? We believe that great quality initiatives […]

Do governments have a responsibility to keep you fit and healthy?

          The third online debate on physical inactivity in Europe is now published on Debating Europe. Jacob Schouenborg, ISCA Secretary General and Jan Rijpstra, President of the Dutch Royal Society of Physical Education Teachers respond to question on governments’ responsibility to keep the citizens fit and healthy. Follow the debate and […]

Can we afford the cost of physical inactivity?

The second online debate on physical inactivity in Europe is now published on Debating Europe. The lead author of the new ISCA/Cebr report ‘The economic cost of physical inactivity in Europe’, Vicky Pryce, responds to questions on the impact of lack of time and support on the public’s exercise habits. Pryce is an economist and former Joint […]

ISCA and Cebr launch inactivity report in Brussels

Photos:Witness Images/Terry Roge The International Sport and Culture Association, ISCA, and the Centre for Economic Business Research (Cebr) launched their new report ‘The Economic Cost of Physical Inactivity in Europe’ at a “Café Crossfire” debate in Brussels on Wednesday 17 June, which was hosted by Friends of Europe and featured representatives from the European Commission, Parliament […]

Let’s get Europe moving

By Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President Within a few decades, physical inactivity has become one of the leading risks to European citizens’ well-being and a growing challenge for European economies. But despite increasing evidence of dramatic health and economic costs associated with physical inactivity, we still lack sufficient initiatives to reverse this negative trend. Every citizen […]