Breaking records, breaking barriers


Last year the FlashMOVE moved 70 cities, in 22 countries, with more than 6,500 dancers having fun and working out at the same time. It marked the beginning of the MOVE Week on the whole continent and its success as undeniable as the previous editions’. This year, the FlashMOVE will be even bigger and louder, as […]

Journey of Hope event idea #5: Be inclusive – #BeActive

Use the Journey of Hope to celebrate all members of your community. Anything is possible if you have an opportunity to #BeActive! Last year the NowWeBike team was joined by a group of blind cyclists, who rode with them in Turkey. They were later joined by wheelchair cyclists for another part of their journey. If […]

Journey of Hope event idea #4: Arrange a for the team to meet your local mayor

Local authorities, the Journey of Hope has put your city on its map – this is a great chance to celebrate! What better way to welcome the team than with an official greeting from your local mayor? Show your support for physical activity and active transport and show the way forward for the Journey of […]

Journey of Hope event idea #3: Show off your city’s landmark

What is your city’s most exciting tourist attraction? Check the Journey of Hope route and see whether the team will arrive there – and make sure you grab that photo opportunity when they do! Organise a side event that will attract people to the landmark and keep them there until the team arrives. Inform your […]

Journey of Hope event idea #2: Organise a side event for your community to join in

Want more members for your cycling club? Or more people signing up for your fitness classes, biking workshops or other activities? Or do you just want to show them what you can do? Organise a side event to greet the Journey of Hope team when they arrive and create a buzz in your city. Make […]

Journey of Hope event idea #1: Organise a live Q&A with the team

What’s it like to ride across Europe for 31 days? Local municipalities or city councils, gather your community on its favourite square and invite them to ask the team all about their adventure. Find a translator who can help if your locals have trouble understanding English. Make sure they also know they can bring their […]

Don’t let the Journey of Hope pass by your city unnoticed

Journey of hope

Welcome the team and get your community involved  Europeans have plenty to hope for. They range from better health, to a healthier environment, to peaceful ways they can enjoy each other’s company. From 18 August to 17 September 2016, our team of cyclists will embark on a Journey of Hope for Europe, travelling through Denmark, […]

MOVE Week and European Week of Sport go hand-in-hand in Denmark

Its campaign time! Danish commentary on optimising physical activity initiatives without reinventing the wheel By Søren Riiskjær, DGI  September 7 has marked the beginning of campaigning for sport and physical activity in Denmark: For the first time, the European Week of Sport is being implemented across Europe, and in Denmark, DGI and DIF (Danish Sports […]