Journey of Hope team member Adnan Cangir shares his tour diary with us

Adnan Cangir and Feridun Ekmekci_cycling_Journey of Hope

Adnan Cangir, left, is our NowWeBike guest blogger in 2016. Follow his #JourneyOfHope diary to find out what it’s like to cycle for 31 days.

What’s it like to ride your bike for 2530 kilometres over 31 days? Follow Journey of Hope team member and guest blogger Adnan Cangir’s tour diary to find out. Adnan will give us regular updates throughout the tour and today we are sharing his diary from the first 6 days and first country of the tour: Denmark.

Day 1

18 Aug. Copenhagen – Roskilde, 41km

Copenhagen to Roskilde_Journey of Hope cycling

Like Forrest Gump, the Journey of Hope team had “lots of company” riding from Copenhagen to Roskilde.

Today the tour started with a big event as Israels Plads in central Copenhagen. We had finished our final preparations and were able to enjoy the weather. We also had some time to talk to other cycling groups that had come to see and join the event.

At 4 o’clock we set out with the other tour participants that were joining us for the first stage to Roskilde, 40 kilometres west of Copenhagen. The tour out of Copenhagen took some time, but we had great blockers who did their best to make sure we had no problems with the traffic. Unfortunately, Aysel’s bike broke when we were cycling up the last hill of the day. So our first repair job is set for the morning.

Day 2

19 Aug. Roskilde – Odden/ Aarhus, 90 km

Journey of Hope Roskilde_Saska_Aysel_Mogens_Feridun

Having a break in Roskilde. L-R: Saska Benedicic Tomat, Aysel Atas, Mogens Kirkeby and Feridun Ekmekci

After fixing Aysel’s bike, we set out towards Odden. With the help and guidance of ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby and Project Manager Saska Benedici Tomat, who followed us all the way from Copenhagen, we all ended up having a great ride.

Unfortunately we had to ride along the busy motorway during some parts. But the scenery was admirable and we made it safely to Odden, where we caught the ferry in the evening. After the crossing, we arrived in the beautiful city of Aarhus, where we met up with some of the ISCA team.

Day 3

20 Aug. Aarhus, 4km

Aysel_CYKLO Slow Ride_Aarhus

Aysel surrounded by the colour of the CYKLO Festival’s Slow Ride in Aarhus.

Today we had a walk in the city of Aarhus, visiting Den Gamle By museum (the “old town”), a village which portraits different eras of Danish society with full-size replicas of houses from the 1700s to 1970s. We also joined in at the CYKLO bicycle festival, where we participated in the Slow Ride, a very colorful and lively bike parade with hundreds of other cyclists. Along the route there were dance shows and music groups that created a really amazing atmosphere.

In the evening we were out for our farewell dinner with the ISCA team. An especially enjoyable part of the dinner was the celebration of Saska’s and NowWeMOVE Campaign Manager Laska Nenova’s (together nicknamed Slaska). Our special thanks go to the whole ISCA team.

Day 4

21 Aug. Aarhus – Vejle, 72 km

Before the CYKLO Marathon_Journey of Hope cycling

Making sure we have all of our luggage secured before the start of the CYKLO cycling marathon.

In the morning we joined the CYKLO marathon, and left the beautiful city of Aarhus as bike marathon racers! We were even given race participant numbers. With the applause of the spectators still ringing in our ears we set off for Vejle.

On the road we were met with headwind along with sunshine. In the afternoon we rode into some heavy rain showers, but after the rain we got rainbows. Most of our route today was along the separated bike lanes, which felt much safer than on shared roads. Denmark has done a great job in terms of cycling infrastructure both in and between the cities, although some parts are still missing.

Day 5

22 Aug. Vejle – Aabenraa, 94 km

Meeting the team from - thanks DGI for all the support! Photo: Emil Flöche Henriksen

Meeting the team from – thanks DGI for all the support! Photo: Emil Flöche Henriksen

During breakfast in Vejle we had two visitors from DGI: Ulrich, responsible for cycling and Peter from DGI Sydøstjylland. Peter cycled with us to the DGI head office in Vingsted. When we got there the whole DGI staff was waiting for us. Here we had a coffee break, and as usual we took lots of pictures! Peter ended up following us all the way to the border of Aabenraa. We arrived in the DGI office in Aabenraa around 8pm. We met up with Thomas who showed us where we were staying for the night. wrote an article on us and you can see it here [in Danish].

Day 6

23 Aug. Aabenraa – Jagel, 61 km

More good company all the way to Jagel on the German border. Thanks DGI!

More good company all the way to Jagel on the German border. Thanks DGI!

The next morning we had new riders accompany us to the German border. We had breakfast together at the DGI office and left under applause from the staff. Cycling with these guys through Denmark was a great pleasure. As we are leaving Denmark behind we will still remember some of the great things we experienced: The great ISCA and DGI family, the event at Israel Plads, the CKYLO Festival and the bike parade.

Stay tuned for more blog posts from Adnan as the team visits Berlin and meets a special group of women who are cycling for social inclusion.

The Journey of Hope is co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Sport programme and promotes the #BeActive message.


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