Journey of Hope: from cultural capital to UNESCO World Heritage site

Day 13
30 Aug. Wroclaw city tour, 7km + extra stationary km.

The NowWeBike team’s Journey of Hope joined the Wroclaw Kilometres of Good Energy event. At the event amongst other things, we pedalled on a bike machine in order to collect money for children’s bikes. With this campaign they managed to collect 2000 PLN, which is about 460 euro, for the children. The event was organised by V4Sport Foundation, who is our project partner in Wroclaw. Our special thanks to Jakub Kalinowski and his friend Matt for their hospitality and warm welcome here.
The City of Wroclaw is known as a centre of religion, and it is also one of the cultural capitals of Europe in 2016. The city has shown a great passion for becoming a city of sport and physical activity. Goodbye Wroclaw.

Day 14 – 15
1 Sep. Wroclaw – Jesenik, 140km

Our next stop after Wroclaw was Kopalnia Zlota, a small village by the lake Jezioro Paczkowskie. The day after, we arrived in Jesenic, which was our first stop in the Czech Republic. One thing that we could immediately tell is that the Czech countryside is very beautiful.

Day 16
2 Sep. Jesenik – Zabreh, 91km

We received some help from one of the locals, who did us a great favour by leading us to the campsite near the village of Zabreh. This is something that made our way to Olomouc much easier and shorter next day. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate certain areas, even with the GPS, especially when entering and exiting cities.

Day 18
4 Sep. Olomouc – Ostrava, 60km

In Olomouc we had a pleasant city ride. This city is known for the Holy Trinity Column which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Later during the day we headed towards Ostrava. That day became one of the greatest challenges that we had during the tour. We covered 103 km along very hilly roads. The total elevation we climbed was 1179m, which in itself is very difficult. To make it even harder we were from time to time riding alongside some busy traffic.

The Journey of Hope team at the Wroclaw Kilometres of Good Energy event

The Journey of Hope team at the Wroclaw Kilometres of Good Energy event

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