Europe Says NO to Elevators and YES to Stairs on 05.06.2015

Modern society has one extremely dangerous feature – physically inactive lifestyle. Because of it the way we spend our days needs to change – we need a new, active way of living. To support and promote this change, we decided to start to a new initiative throughout Europe – No Elevators Day (NED). What is No […]

European Panna Tour kicks off in Copenhagen today

The European Panna Tour is a new event for the NowWeMOVE campaign. It will showcase some of Europe’s most exciting street football players in city squares across Europe until the 3 June. The tour starts today at Israels Plads in the heart of Copenhagen at 4 pm and travel 3.000 km through 8 European cities […]

Panna football shines at New Moves Street Festival in Copenhagen

Panna is taking off as one of grassroots sport’s most exciting and accessible new trends, combining football, acrobatics and an interactive spectacle. Some of the world’s best street soccer players shared their tricks with the participants at the New Moves Street Festival in Copenhagen on 10 April as a prelude to English Street Cup 2015. […]

9 good excuses to stay physically active while pregnant

You are expecting a child and you don’t fancy keeping still? There is no problem! If you’re asking yourself questions like: “Will I harm my baby if I start/continue being active?”, “Should I slow it down?”, “How will physical activity affect my pregnancy?”, “What kind of activity should I choose?” – there is no need […]

How to boost your child’s results in school and in life

Physical education classes are usually not considered as important as science classes – parents prefer their children to take an extra math or physics class instead of running around the school yard for an hour. But they don’t realize how that time spent on being physically active can help solve problems that every parent dreads. […]

Keep Skateistan rolling

  Meet Skateistan and its incredible story of an Australian skateboarder who started living in the Middle East in 2007, kept following his passion and carved out a physical activity niche in his new country. Seven years later he is running a successful NGO. Can you guess in which country 40% of its skateboarders are […]

Introducing our regular NowWeMOVE bloggers

The NowWeMOVE Communications Team is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest news from the NowWeMOVE Campaign, including previews, profiles and stories from MOVE Week 2014 and physical activity tips. Stay tuned for posts from our guess bloggers too! Our regular bloggers from NowWeMOVE Campaign coordinating organisations the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and […]