Your own flash mob in 5 easy steps


When you dance you follow the music in time, usually 4 beats to the bar, that indicate different moves, building the choreography to the song’s beats. But before you take part in the FlashMOVE dance, you need to follow another five steps. Here we present you five easy steps that will help you to plan and execute a successful FlashMOVE event.

STEP 1: Identify your location

Think of a public space where many people pass by. After all, the objective of the FlashMOVE is to be noticed – appearing and dispersing like other flash mobs you may have seen. So the main square, a touristic spot, the central train station, or a shopping mall are good options to consider. Contact your local authorities to agree on the right of use of the space, and for security reasons.

STEP 2: Choreography

Video tutorials are provided by NowWeMOVE and your performers can learn it in a step by step guide. Choose a FlashMOVE leader to coordinate and motivate the dancing group. Access the tutorial video in here.

STEP 3: The event

Play with your imagination for before and after the FlashMOVE surprise. Dancing schools, street performers and musicians can join the party in a one by one opportunity to show their artistic skills.

STEP 4: The material

Prepare all your promotional material, from banners to t-shirts, leaflets and certificates of participation. Everything is available for you here.

STEP 5: Technical equipment

Make sure your sound system works and that you have somebody to take photos and videos of the event. Capturing the surprised expressions of the passers-by will help you accomplish your goal, and using new technologies like livestream or drones will get you good quality images for your own promotion.

10 September is approaching and you should start to put your act together. Register your FlashMOVE event, follow these easy 5 steps and then let the music take the stage with your feet following in time.


FlashMOVE in Lithuania


FlashMOVE in Bulgaria







FlashMOVE in Iceland


FlashMOVE in Italy





You can also take part in the FlashMOVE dance-off challenge by uploading a rehearsal video of your FlashMOVE and becoming an “Ambassador” MOVE Agent during the official opening event of the European Week of Sport.


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