Why physical activity is important at all ages, part II


When it comes to kids it’s not very hard to motivate them to be active and play, but it is also important to get the elderly people in your family moving. We highlight some new research on why physical activity has a positive impact of exercise on brain and motor function in older age in […]

Why physical activity is important at all ages

Photo by Njambi Ndiba

How physical activity effects children’s health This week we are starting a two article series where we will look at the importance of physical activity for different age groups. There are more and more studies being done about the various benefits of physical activity for both children and the elderly. Set a MOVE goal for […]

Can physical activity outweigh the heath damage caused by air pollution?

Photo by Ed Yourdon

In recent decades we have started to understand the devastating effects that air pollution has on our health and how much it contributes to different health conditions (damage to lungs, increased risk of asthma, increased risk of death from lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, and even premature mortality). This has led many to stray away […]

Bonnie and Blitz during MOVE Week 2014

By Roxana Chiriac, ISCA Malta was very attentive with the little ones during MOVE Week, and this year, the children aged 4-7 from all primary schools in Malta, got the chance to meet Bonnie and Blitz, two funny characters that are teaching them how to MOVE. “One thing which is very natural for kids is […]

MOVE behind bars


For Albania, the second day of MOVE Week was dedicated to the women in Prison 325 in Tirana, Albania, and their relationship to physical activity, in this case, to volleyball. The organiser of this event, which is planned to run over three days, is the Social Department of Caritas Albania, which aims to move its […]

MOVING the ministries


This year for MOVE Week, 16 municipalities from Cyrpus, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Croatia have backed MOVE Week 2014. And when I say “backed”, I mean literally, as they engaged in physical activity together with the MOVE Agents to prove that a formal workplace is not closed to exercising and staying healthy. In Cyprus, […]