A day without elevators, εκάλες, асансьори and lifturi – more than 250,000 Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians took the stairs!

This year’s No Elevators Day on 26Aapril was a success in various Balkan countries, and left many people thinking: why does it only take place once a year? “It’s such an easy way to take care of your health! We wish it would take place at least once a week, EVERYWHERE, and hopefully taking the […]

My 1000km, 5-day adventure to be part of the Journey of Hope

By Mihai Androhovici, Romanian Federation Sport for All I am the Vice President of the Romanian Federation Sport for All, and next week I will drive to Krakow, Poland, with three of the organisers of Skirts on Bicycles in Suceava city to bike with the Journey of Hope team and join in the side events on […]

Did you find your MOVE this week?

Have you found your MOVE yet? There’s still time with two more days of MOVE Week to go. At the end of the working week we now have 1814 events registered in 29 countries around Europe. Bulgaria is also staging its second MOVE Weekend with a special programme of events planned for today, Saturday and […]

How a handshake and some trust can make people Move across neighbouring countries

In 2014, the Association Sport for All Suceava (AJSPT) and Escalada Aventura Park Gura Humorului in Romania created an informal cooperation. “The partnership between our organisation and the Adventure Park is atypical. It began last year with a simple handshake. We’ve seen and liked each other and decided to go forward. Everything is based on […]

How Romania MOVED

If we could write a book after every MOVE Week, we would have plenty to write about, with so many events that happening all over Europe and great stories and people behind them. Romania has many of its own stories to tell, so we have selected a few to mention. There were 96 events registered […]