Find YOUR MOVE: Long-Term Activation that Starts in May 2017

It’s time to celebrate: MOVE Week turns six, and this year, we’re mightier than ever. Previous years have shown that everyone can find their own unique move. It takes only a little courage and that first magical step to explore the world of physical activity and find one that suits you best. Your location does […]

Get active this MOVE Week 2017

Whereas Darwin’s rule claims that only the fittest survive, MOVE Week in 2017 supports all kinds of physical activity. Let’s show the world that grassroots-level sport and physical activity is the sustainable way to get people moving. This year, MOVE Week will take place from 29 May to 4 June. Initiated by ISCA, the fifth […]

A day without elevators, εκάλες, асансьори and lifturi – more than 250,000 Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians took the stairs!

This year’s No Elevators Day on 26Aapril was a success in various Balkan countries, and left many people thinking: why does it only take place once a year? “It’s such an easy way to take care of your health! We wish it would take place at least once a week, EVERYWHERE, and hopefully taking the […]

Humans of NED: Celebrating No Elevators Day of 2017 at the Danish Health Authority

NED stands for No Elevators Day. Our mascot for the day is also called NED, but No Elevators Day is about real people not just a cartoon. On this year’s No Elevators Day on 26 April, the ISCA team joined the Danish Health Authority to activate their employees and encourage them to take the stairs. […]

No Elevators Day 2017: Get Prepared Now!

With only two weeks to go, it is already time to start preparing your No Elevators Day (NED) stunt in your school, work, public space. You can easily take the lead and choose the stairs and use one of our toolkits. Upgrade your everyday environment and make it stair-friendly by using one of the following packages: […]

Why I wrote a book about women in sport

This year, the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is putting the “sportlight” on active women. As well as working on two EU projects dedicated to women in sport (StreetGames’ expansion of its Us Girls programme in Europe and the Alice Milliat Foundation’s European Network for the Promotion of Women’s Sport), we are featuring women […]

Sometimes all it takes to rehumanise us is a little dance!

Integration of refugees sport

By Javier Mira, Mexico If pity makes you look down on someone and feel sorry for them, empathy is what makes you stand face-to-face and look them straight in the eye, breaking the barrier between them and us. From 18-20 October, we (the international students from the Ollerup Academy of Physical Education) had the chance […]

“We must create leaders in fitness and physical activity… then we can build a healthy world’’

What is it like to MOVE people in Greece and why does physical activity have a crucial role in people’s lives? Epaminondas Konstas is an active MOVE Agent in Greece, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor. He has graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Democritus University of […]

Is there such a thing as an active spectator? ISCA interviews ActiveVoice Project Partner Healthy Stadia

“Healthy Stadia are those which promote the health of visitors, fans, players, employees and the surrounding community… places where people can go to have a positive healthy experience playing or watching sport,” is how the European Healthy Stadia Network describes the concept it is an advocate for. The European Healthy Stadia Network is a partner of […]

More than 60,000 students celebrated the European School Sport Day in Spain

A total of 60,194 students in schools across 9 regions participated in the first edition of the European School Sport Day (ESSD) in Spain on 30 September. The number of Spanish educational institutions involved in the day reached 114, and were located in the regions of Aragon, Baleares, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Valencia, […]