Change-makers step on the road to success


The Youth on the MOVE (YOTM) Europe offline training took place from 8-12 June in the city of Barcelona, Spain. The project, led by ISCA and its members SESC Sao Paulo (Brazil), UBAE (Spain) and V4Sport (Poland), gathered 30 participants from 15 countries for a final meeting after the 3 months of online training. On […]

If I had 100 million euros…

What would you do if you had 100 million euros? That was the provocative question ISCA Secretary General, Jacob Schouenborg, posed to the Youth on the MOVE training participants on Saturday in Barcelona. Encouraging them to be as persuasive as possible when selling an idea or a project, Jacob wanted to see their passion and […]

We still need Messi, we still need Ronaldo


These were the closing words of External Trainer Antonio Saccone’s presentation on the first day of the offline training for the Youth in the MOVE project this week. Developed by ISCA (Denmark), SESC Sao Paulo (Brazil), UBAE (Spain) and V4Sport (Poland), the Youth on the MOVE training gathered 29 participants, 3 trainers and 8 experts, […]

The Highlights of MOVE Week 2015

The 4th MOVE Week went beyond expectations! 43 participating countries, over 1700 cities, more than 5300 events and 3000 MOVE Agents activated Europe and Latin America this year. Hundreds of thousands of people had the chance to participate in various fun, active games, to try out new activities and to feel the joy of movement. BULGARIA […]