Find YOUR MOVE: Long-Term Activation that Starts in May 2017

It’s time to celebrate: MOVE Week turns six, and this year, we’re mightier than ever. Previous years have shown that everyone can find their own unique move. It takes only a little courage and that first magical step to explore the world of physical activity and find one that suits you best. Your location does […]


MOVE Week Croatia

Croatian health sector supports MOVE Week for fifth consecutive year Since 2014, the Croatian Ministry of Health, an important stakeholder in physical activity and active lifestyle promotion, has been one important driver of MOVE Week in Croatia. Several other health care and medical centres across Croatia also continued their support for MOVE Week 2016 as […]

It’s time for MOVE Week!

It’s time to MOVE! Today is the first day of MOVE Week and 1,516 events are registered to take place in 27 countries across Europe, with the number still climbing. MOVE Week runs from 23-29 May this year and the countries with the most events registered so far are Bulgaria (230), Iceland (201), Poland (170), […]

Slovakia ready with over 200 MOVE Week 2016 events

If you’re living in Slovakia or enjoying a spring getaway there next week, chances are you will notice a lot of activity as you’re exploring its cities – and most likely a few people wearing the same orange t-shirts. That’s because Slovakia’s MOVE Agents have managed to organise 220 MOVE Week events that will take […]

MOVE Week 2016 starts on Monday!

Between 23 and 29 May 2016, more than one million people from 35 countries around Europe are expected to be join in the 5th edition of MOVE Week, a pan-European event promoting grassroots sport and physical activity. MOVE Week is an open platform for anyone with an interest in getting people active to showcase their […]

Bulgarian MOVE Week Climbs High On The Wall

On 25 September, “Varna Climbing” – a sport and rock climbing club – joined MOVE Week, organised in the city by “Fun City” Youth Festival. The purpose of their event was to demonstrate an alternative way for people to be physically active. That way was rock climbing!    Many kids took part in the event and […]

MOVE Week goes underwater!

By Kristina Sekulic, Croatian MOVE Agent In Duga Resa, a small town in Karlovac county in Croatia, one MOVE Agent took the MOVE Week a step – under! The Underwater Activities Club Vodomar (meaning Kingfisher) gathered local school children on the bank of River Mrežnica to educate them on diving and ecology and to demonstrate […]

Gorlice in Poland MOVEs Seniors during MOVE Week 2015

The opening ceremony of Senior Games 2015 in Gorlice was held by the mayor of the city and other officials on 23.09. The event was organised on PZU Pathway – a sport area recently built for the local community by the Polish Insurance Company – PZU. The sport development officer, with the help of many […]

NowWeBike in the Netherlands! How slow can you go?

Finding your move isn’t about being the fastest or the strongest – it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. That was the clear message at the first day of the Netherlands’ own take on the NowWeBike tour – Slowbiking. The tour started in Kapelle on Tuesday 22 September with the local children taking each other […]