Can we afford the cost of physical inactivity?

debating europe_Vicky Pryce

The second online debate on physical inactivity in Europe is now published on Debating Europe. The lead author of the new ISCA/Cebr report ‘The economic cost of physical inactivity in Europe’, Vicky Pryce, responds to questions on the impact of lack of time and support on the public’s exercise habits. Pryce is an economist and former Joint […]

ISCA and Cebr launch inactivity report in Brussels

Cafe Crossfire photo_Witness Images_Thierry Roge

Photos:Witness Images/Terry Roge The International Sport and Culture Association, ISCA, and the Centre for Economic Business Research (Cebr) launched their new report ‘The Economic Cost of Physical Inactivity in Europe’ at a “Café Crossfire” debate in Brussels on Wednesday 17 June, which was hosted by Friends of Europe and featured representatives from the European Commission, Parliament […]

Let’s get Europe moving


By Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President Within a few decades, physical inactivity has become one of the leading risks to European citizens’ well-being and a growing challenge for European economies. But despite increasing evidence of dramatic health and economic costs associated with physical inactivity, we still lack sufficient initiatives to reverse this negative trend. Every citizen […]

EurActiv report series features ISCA’s new inactivity report


The online hub for EU news and policy debates, is publishing a series of reports on Europe’s physical inactivity time bomb this week. The five-day coverage will feature ISCA’s new research report, “The Economic Cost of Physical Inactivity in Europe”, as well as comments from the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, […]

New ISCA study shows physical inactivity costs Europe 80bn euro and 500,000 lives per year


A new study published today by the Centre for Economics and Business Research has revealed the true cost of Europe’s physical inactivity time bomb. The study, commissioned by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) shows that half a million Europeans die every year as a result of being physically inactive. The most common causes of […]

No Elevators Day in Brussels


On the 5th of June this year the first European No Elevators Day was held in different cities around Europe. Brussels was no exception to the occasion and multiple organisations and companies participated in the newly developed initiative. The participants were very active on the social media promoting their efforts on the day and were […]

No Elevators Day to keep Europeans in good shape

Today European citizens in 17 countries will take the stairs instead of the elevator for the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and its local partners’ first European No Elevators Day. The day will see participating organisations sealing off elevators in more than 180 public and private buildings in more than 50 cities as part of […]

ISCA celebrates 20 years of moving people

Logo 20 Anniversary

“It was 20 years ago today…” On this day 20 years ago, representatives of 15 national Sport for All organisations established the International Sport & Culture Association (ISCA). The founding meeting on 10 February 1995 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was the culmination of earlier discussions among grassroots sport organisation leaders on how to establish […]

MOVE Congress 2014 videos

By Roxana Chiriac, ISCA MOVE Congress 2014 might be over, but we worked on a solution to keep the memories and the lessons learned fresh. The following videos will serve as a constant reminder of what we set ourselves to do: MOVE 1 million more Europeans by 2020. The opening video introduces Rome, the host […]