Why physical activity is important at all ages

Photo by Njambi Ndiba

How physical activity effects children’s health This week we are starting a two article series where we will look at the importance of physical activity for different age groups. There are more and more studies being done about the various benefits of physical activity for both children and the elderly. Set a MOVE goal for […]

Can physical activity outweigh the heath damage caused by air pollution?

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In recent decades we have started to understand the devastating effects that air pollution has on our health and how much it contributes to different health conditions (damage to lungs, increased risk of asthma, increased risk of death from lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, and even premature mortality). This has led many to stray away […]

Can physical inactivity be considered a disease?

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For a very long time we have known of the different health problems and diseases physical inactivity can contribute to, but can being physically inactive qualify as one too? Dr. Michael Joyner, a proclaimed professor of anesthesiology and researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, who has been researching physical activity and its impact on […]

9 good excuses to stay physically active while pregnant


You are expecting a child and you don’t fancy keeping still? There is no problem! If you’re asking yourself questions like: “Will I harm my baby if I start/continue being active?”, “Should I slow it down?”, “How will physical activity affect my pregnancy?”, “What kind of activity should I choose?” – there is no need […]

How to boost your child’s results in school and in life


Physical education classes are usually not considered as important as science classes – parents prefer their children to take an extra math or physics class instead of running around the school yard for an hour. But they don’t realize how that time spent on being physically active can help solve problems that every parent dreads. […]