Italy ranks first with over 100 registered MOVE Week events!

With two weeks to go until MOVE Week 2017, Italy is at the top of the MOVE Week registration page with 121 different events. Running, stair-climbing, dancing, horse riding, and basketball tournaments are only a few of the listed activities that will take place between 29 May – 4 June. This year, MOVE Week will […]

Find YOUR MOVE: Long-Term Activation that Starts in May 2017

It’s time to celebrate: MOVE Week turns six, and this year, we’re mightier than ever. Previous years have shown that everyone can find their own unique move. It takes only a little courage and that first magical step to explore the world of physical activity and find one that suits you best. Your location does […]

No Elevators Day 2017: “Burn calories, not electricity!”

On April 26, thousands of Europeans boycotted the elevators and escalators and chose the stairs instead. The No Elevators Day of 2017 was celebrated all over Europe. More than 100 people and organisations showed their support through social media and pledged to take the stairs that day: View the story “No Elevators Day 2017” on […]

“It’s not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs”*

Today, it is unimaginable to envision a high building without an elevator. Climbing up to the umpteenth floor without one is considered an extreme exercise, and there are only a few stair enthusiasts who would be up for that kind of challenge. The downside is that having elevators and escalators in most modern buildings has […]

No Elevators Day 2017: Get Prepared Now!

With only two weeks to go, it is already time to start preparing your No Elevators Day (NED) stunt in your school, work, public space. You can easily take the lead and choose the stairs and use one of our toolkits. Upgrade your everyday environment and make it stair-friendly by using one of the following packages: […]

Now we take the stairs: celebrate the No Elevators Day!

On the 26 April 2017, everyone is invited to join the pan-European movement and ditch the elevators and escalators for at least one day. No Elevators Day is a perfect opportunity to promote active lifestyle and healthy attitude. Join our movement in Facebook and Thunderclap! See, how to prepare for the NED2017 here.

It was time to celebrate Human Rights Day! But why do human rights matter to sport and physical activity?

NowWeMOVE Human Rights

By Alessandra Texeira   Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December. The date was chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), on 10 December, 1958. The UDHR was the first global enunciation of human rights and one of the […]

Active Future Programme – Week 4 – Zumba and the Physical & Mental Effects of Drug and Alcohol Misuse

NowWeMOVE Ireland

Extract from shaneodonnellblog Week four of the Active Future Programme has just passed which marked the halfway point of the programme. The past four weeks have gone so quickly but it is great to see the relationships grow stronger and stronger between the participants, the Sports Science Students & the leaders. Physical Health Input This week […]

Active Future Programme – Week 3 – Resistance Training, Hydration & Thought Awareness

Training session YouthOnTheMOVE ireland

Extract from shaneodonnellblog This week marked week 3 of the Active Future Programme where we welcomed 2 new participants. Participant numbers are now up to 22 which is more than initially expected! Physical Health Input The topic of conversation this week was hydration – how much, how often, and how to know if you are […]

Love your bones and celebrate World Osteoporosis Day

By Herbert Hartmann, leader of the MOVING Age Network “Love Your Bones and ensure a fracture–free, independent future for all”. With this slogan the World Osteoporosis Day is being celebrated today, 20 October. Many scientific studies give evidence of the positive effects of physical activity and sport in counteracting osteoporosis and its consequences, like fractures. […]