How to boost your child’s results in school and in life

Physical education classes are usually not considered as important as science classes – parents prefer their children to take an extra math or physics class instead of running around the school yard for an hour. But they don’t realize how that time spent on being physically active can help solve problems that every parent dreads. […]

ParticipACTION turns virtual play into active play

Children do not play as much as they used to and the abundance of time they spend in from of a screen certainly is a key factor. Canadian based non-profit organisation ParticipACTION, which aims to inspire Canadians to be more physically active, has just launched a new campaign called “Make room for play” to help […]

Fit kids are better learners

Forget about the distinction between being a scholar or an athlete. According to recent studies, you can be both. Many studies now show that children that are physically active also perform better in the classroom. There is strong evidence to support the connection between the physical and mental dimensions. Anatomical studies and clinical data show that […]