A day without elevators, εκάλες, асансьори and lifturi – more than 250,000 Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians took the stairs!

This year’s No Elevators Day on 26Aapril was a success in various Balkan countries, and left many people thinking: why does it only take place once a year? “It’s such an easy way to take care of your health! We wish it would take place at least once a week, EVERYWHERE, and hopefully taking the […]

Did you find your MOVE this week?

Have you found your MOVE yet? There’s still time with two more days of MOVE Week to go. At the end of the working week we now have 1814 events registered in 29 countries around Europe. Bulgaria is also staging its second MOVE Weekend with a special programme of events planned for today, Saturday and […]

Bulgaria turns MOVE Week into a MOVE Month

In the first spring edition of MOVE WEEK, the events in Bulgaria are being held in more than 25 cities. We have several new partnerships with youth organisations and expect a variety of interesting events aiming at all age groups. Two good practices that we are proud to share are: – One of our partnering municipalities […]

Bulgarian MOVE Week Climbs High On The Wall

On 25 September, “Varna Climbing” – a sport and rock climbing club – joined MOVE Week, organised in the city by “Fun City” Youth Festival. The purpose of their event was to demonstrate an alternative way for people to be physically active. That way was rock climbing!    Many kids took part in the event and […]

First European Sport Day about to become an annual tradition on the continent

777 Hungarian schools defied the wet weather to take part in the first European School Sport Day on 25 September. The main event of the day was organised on Margaret Island, Budapest, and more than 500 pupils participated. Because of the heavy rain, some of the disciplines, like football and volleyball, had to be cancelled, but the running […]

First European School Sport Day set for 25 September!

The Hungarian School Sport Federation has organised the Hungarian School Sport Day each year for a decade, moving thousands of children every year. In 2015, we are rolling out school sport day to other countries in Europe thanks to a grant provided by the European Union and our collaboration with five partners from around Europe. […]

NowWeBike Cross-Border Cycling Tour Starts on 24 July

On 24 July, the “NowWeBike” European cross-border cycling tour will kick-off in Muğla, Turkey. A team of four volunteer recreational cyclists (3 men and 1 woman) will cross the borders of 12 countries, using eight different EuroVelo routes over 2,700 km, finishing in Brussels on 9 September after 47 days of cycling.  The countries the […]

Organising Multiple Successful Events – An Example From a Young Bulgarian

Dimitar Iliev – a 28-year-old teacher in a sports school in Sofia, Bulgaria, has become a source of inspiration to others. Even though it is not not always easy to organise an effective event, Iliev impresed the NowWeMove team with his passion – last year, all by himself, this young man managed to add a swarm of events to MOVE Week, worthy to […]

NowWeDance in the city of Plovdiv

When it comes to MOVE Week 2014 figures, Bulgaria was extremely successful. And it was not only the capital Sofia that got into the action. Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv reached 81 events during the week of physical activity and its flagship event “NowWeDance” was the largest community event in Europe during MOVE Week 2014. […]

Now We Dance, Bulgaria’s flagship success!

By Roxana Chiriac, ISCA Do you remember Bulgaria’s flagship event, Now We Dance, during MOVE Week 2013? Last year, WOW Sport, EVA Sport and over 20 dance clubs organised an event that took place in the centre of Plovdiv city, in front of the Municipality Building. It featured the Bulgarian national dances, “Horo”, one of the […]