Slovenia won’t miss the chance to dance

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On 10 September at 11am CET, the #BeActive FlashMOVE will be performed at the official opening of the European Week of Sport in Slovakia and simultaneously in at least 18 more European countries – including Slovenia.

The 2016 FlashMOVE will be particularly a meaningful occasion for Slovenia, as the choreography was created by its national Sports Union. It combines basic movements of different sports with elements of the “ABC workout”, a programme aimed at promoting physical activity among inactive adults, elaborated by the SUS in partnership with the University of Ljubljana.

Internationally, Slovenia is recognised as a “Green, Healthy and Active” country, with Ljubljana currently being the EU Green Capital. A “green city” also means a “healthy city”, with active transport and physical activity being available to everyone . In this context, the FlashMOVE will take place in the frame of the “Sport market”, organised by the Association of Sport Clubs of Ljubljana in Kongresni trg, in the very central part of the city. Over 100 local sport clubs will be presenting themselves to the public, many different activities will take place along the day, and more than 3000 people are expected to participate.

The network of confirmed organisations coordinating FlashMOVE flash mobs in Slovenia is growing from hour to hour: at the moment, one kindergarten, five primary schools, four gymnasia, five sport clubs and a group of people with disabilities. The dating portal will also organise a “blind date”, inviting all its users to come to the FlashMOVEs to have fun, meeting new friends, maybe and possily also soul-mates.

During the day, a second FM will be self-organised by our partners in the hinterland of the city, in order to allow people unable to come to the centre, as (primary) schools located in the suburbs, to contribute to the FlashMOVE 2016. Since the “right to be physically active” is a fundamental and universal right, few other FlashMOVEs will appear in different regions of country, engaging also smaller communities located in smaller places, more remote and more rural.

In other words, Slovenia is getting ready for the FlashMOVE: are you joining us?

By the Sports Union of Slovenia

Photos: Local MOVE Agent Neža Erznožnik from SD Partizan demonstrates the choreography developed in Slovenia

In other news: Slovenia organisation SD Partizan have shared their rehearsal video with us. Find out how you can do the same, simply by being willing to #DanceLikeNoOneIsWatchingYou

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