No Elevators Day 2017: Get Prepared Now!

With only two weeks to go, it is already time to start preparing your No Elevators Day (NED) stunt in your school, work, public space. You can easily take the lead and choose the stairs and use one of our toolkits. Upgrade your everyday environment and make it stair-friendly by using one of the following packages:

1. Supporter’s KIT


The NED Supporter suitcase contains a variety of visual tools that will help you create a memorable and successful No Elevators Day event. The provided materials are fitting for both personal and shared usage:

  • e-mail signatures and social media images turn you to a real NED Stair Champion;
  • stickers and T-shirts make you even more visible in real life. Don’t forget to decorate your workplace, school building or any other space;
  • inspirational visuals and motivational postcards are perfect handouts. They will share the NED spirit with your friends and peers.


2. Participant’s kit


What if your workplace or building is already using only stairs? What if you work from home or can’t share the No Elevators Day spirit in public? Do not worry, we have you covered. The participant’s kit is designed for people who are not directly taking part in the NED2017, but would like to show their support. Focusing on social media, these materials are perfect to generate higher engagement. Funny visuals, messages and posters are provided and free to use. However, we have included some traditional materials (T-shirt and stickers design) that you can use, too.

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