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Photo by Health Gauge

Photo by Health Gauge

Remember when TV workouts were the hottest new thing in fitness? Now there are many more ways you can find your MOVE online. The spring is here, the nature is waking up, and it’s just the right time to Find Your MOVE (just in case you had lost it somewhere during the winter)!

This time we will be looking at some different online platforms that offer workout/exercise videos and tools that can get you inspired to MOVE. Have a look and decide what suits you the best. But that’s not all – your MOVE mission is to find an inactive friend or a family member and show them not only the joy of being active, but how easy and accessible it can be in our age of technology!

Yoga With Adrien

This channel offers yoga sessions with a professional yoga teacher in English. The sessions vary from ones for beginners to more advanced levels. They explain the basics of yoga and offer a 30-day challenge that anyone can try in the comfort of their own home.

Tone It Up

This channel presents different workout videos dedicated to toning, yoga and High Intensity Interval trainings. The format of the videos is not too long, approximately 15 min, so you can squeeze in a workout even if you are on a very tight schedule. The best part is that you can do the exercises anywhere!


BeFit offers variety of videos, from fitness tips and yoga, to ballet-inspired exercise routines. The channel features famous fitness trainers including Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and Jane Fonda.

Bring Back Play

This website features a catalog of all the games you played as a kid. Now you can play them with your friends again and remember all the good times you had – or show your kids a new thing or two.


If you feel that plain workouts do not suit you, you can find your Zumba moves with this selection of 10 videos that you can find on youtube.

Office Workout

Let’s not forget that we need to stay active, even in the most inactive environments, so that is why we include in this list office exercises that you can do during the day while you’re at work. Include your colleagues and start some fun, everyday activities that break up the monotony!

Running apps

Spring is just the time to start a new hobby and running might be the one for you! Fitness tracking technology is everywhere now and we all know that leaving the house without a phone would be madness. So to follow your progress and monitor your fitness more efficiently, find the app that suite you best! This website presents reviews of the latest running apps.

Cycling apps

Maybe you fancy something faster, if so then you should take up cycling! The newest technologies have caught up with the cycling trend too and offer some useful apps to help you along the way. Get those wheels turning!

Let us know your favourite online platform that makes you MOVE!


Keep on moving together!


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