MOVE Week spotlight: Ministry of Finance in Belgium taking their MOVE to the next level


Ministry of Finance in Belgium has been involved in MOVE Week this year with many big events and full week of activities in different cities across Belgium. Today will mark the grand Closing event of their MOVE Week activities, that is why we decided to ask the representative of the Ministry of Finance Florence Angelici some questions regarding their involvement in the MOVE Week.

1. Why did the Ministry of Finance got involved in the MOVEWeek?

Last year, our wellness department wanted to organize a week dedicated to sport. After brainstorming, we found the Move Week project on the internet and we immediately thought it was ideal! After the great success of last year, we wanted to participate again in the 2015 edition.

2. How important promoting physical activity is for the Ministry of Finance?

We think it is important that employees feel good physically and mentally! This is also part of the policy on the fight against absenteeism we are trying to implement.

3. Can you give a brief overview of the events dedicated to the MOVEWeek this year?

Move in the City: 32 walks in 22 cities

Move Sport: Various sports activities (mindfullness yoga, aikido, running, football, showdown, etc …) in 10 cities

Move Speech: Conferences on the theme of healthy eating in 4 cities

Move Meet & Greet: Basketball initiation with three national teams (Okapi Aalstar, Belfius Namur Excelsior in Brussels-Capital)

Closing event in the Stadion King Baudouin in Brussels with a run for UNICEF, walks, athletics, basketball, cover band and many more different activities!

4. As an employer of so many, what are the things that the Ministry of Finance does to keep their employees active in the office?

Sports activities with internal coaches (employees) are organized at the noon time (in development to reach the maximum participation in the building), flexibility in working hours (telecommuting, working satellite office).

5. How do the employees of the Ministry of Finance react to the many activities that they have the opportunity to participate in? 

Most reactions were very positive. Employees who participated in the activities of the week send us messages of congratulations and are already looking forward to the 2016 edition! Some also give us ideas for other activities (other sport activities for people with mobility issues).

6. What are the main messages you want to send with the final event you are organizing to Conclude the MOVE Week this year?

A springboard for employees to become healthier and fight against absenteeism.
The Move Week is an opportunity to encourage employees to engage in regular physical activity. Our FPS has already implemented actions to support more than 500 people to play sports on the noon time. Exercise and healthy diet have a positive impact on our professional and social life. Studies show that people who exercise regularly are healthier, less prone to absenteeism, increase their resistance to stress, productivity, energy and emit greater job satisfaction.

A team-building for employees.
On top of that, this afternoon Friday, September 25 can be seen as a real team-building for employees: a great opportunity to get together as a team in a sporty and original context and boost the morale of the troops. The majority of employees are demanding these kinds of activities. It’s one of the findings of the last satisfaction survey.

A week of solidarity for UNICEF.
Employees can support disadvantaged children through Sport initiative for UNICEF, although they do not participate in the activities of the week. The donation is made online from the registration tool. The aim is to collect a total of 5000 €.


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