MOVE Congress beyond the agenda

Ollerup volunteers

The MOVE Congress 2015 proved to be a real event-on-the-move, far away from any “classical” congress concept. With a wide variety of options to get into the action through street sport and spontaneous dances, visits to innovative facilities and plenty of time for networking, there was more to this year’s MOVE Congress than the traditional programme.

We offer you an exclusive look beyond the agenda of the MOVE Congress 2015.

ISCA turns 20

Birthday cakeThe official opening of the MOVE Congress took place in the historic building of Copenhagen’s City Hall. The MOVE Congress delegates were welcomed on 5 November by Carl Christian Ebbesen, Copenhagen Mayor of Culture & Leisure. After the official opening ceremony the evening a special celebration of ISCA 20th anniversary took place, with a surprise-birthday cake cut by the trio Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President, Marvin Radford, ISCA Head of External Relations and Fundraising, and Tiina Kiislar as a representative of the volunteers supporting ISCA.

Moving during the MOVE Congress

As the MOVE Congress is all about being active, it wouldn’t have been true to its cause if there were not enough opportunities for its delegates to move and stay active. It was the first MOVE Congress offering so much interactive sessions, side events and energising activities to its participants. Most of the presentations were followed or preceded by short physical activity breaks. During the breaks the participants were involved in warm-up exercises, flashmobs, and free playing of basketball, panna, hula-hoop spinning, and parkour.

Elastic bands

Elastic band training for all MOVE Congress delegates after the first session on Day 2

Flashmob demonstration

Volunteers - flashmob

Phillipe MeMovers 



During the breaks between MOVE Congress sessions the delegates had the opportunity to move around GAME street sports facility using Me-Mover bikes – especially designed for to give a muscular and cardio workout.


Dance with Michelle Obama The presenters also stayed true to the active lifestyle cause and involved the audience in different active experiences. Dr. Jayne D. Greenberg from Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the USA, moderator of workshop dedicated to school initiatives, opened her session with an invitation to the audience to dance along with Mrs. Michelle Obama on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Greenberg is also a member of the US President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.


ISCA night out indoors

The MOVE Congress offered a variety of topics related to street sports. Thus the Street Sport Festival at GAME facility was a natural choice for Saturday “night out” for MOVE Congress guests.  The concept was introduced by street food menu offered directly from three street food trucks parked in Parkour Hall. Hamburgers, empanadas and stuffed veal Morocco style were a great warm-up for the Street Sport Festival.  

Latino dance session, free basketball and panna were among the activities offered during the Street Sport Festival indoors. The initiative of DGI and Coca-Cola #HappyMoves offered a special zone for street dance performance.

Ollerup volunteers flashmob

Special flashmob developed by the volunteers from Ollerup Academy of Physical Education during Street Sport Festival




The guests were excited to see and play panna with the boys from Copenhagen Panna House. Some of them, including ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby, had the chance to score against CPH players.

Marvin and friends - the bandOne of the stars of the evening was Marvin Radford, ISCA Head of External Relations, who entertained the guests with classic blues performance along with his band Ace of Blues.

The evening went on with a special thank-you ceremony to all ISCA supporters and partners. A short movie offered a look back at some of the most iconic moments of ISCA’s 20 years of history. All participants could see their names on the screen being an addressee of the big thank-you by ISCA.


Interactive Sessions

Parkour2The last day of MOVE Congress was full of opportunities to become acquainted to new experiences. Along with the practically oriented workshops dedicated to fundraising and partnerships, the programme offered behind the scene acquaintance with GAME sport activities. GAME co-founder and GM Simon Prahm presented GAME’s strategy focused on boosting social change and development through street sport. His presentation was followed by demonstrations of various sport activities that could be performed on the street. MOVE Congress delegates had the chance to take active part in full time training in basketball and parkour.

Volunteer power

Volunteers from the Ollerup Academy of Physical Education (pictured at the top of the article) were caring companions for the MOVE Congress guests. They took charge in delivering the energising dances, flashmobs, training with elastic bands, rock-paper-scissors games, exercises for two, and whatever could get the participants moving. The energisers were not done purely for the sake of physical activity, but were also done to create a lot of fun and positive energy in the hall.

This year’s MOVE Congress was the most active yet, walking the talk and breaking the traditional conference mould – it is, of course, all about physical activity.

Visit the official MOVE Congress website

By Ralitsa Zhikova

Photos by Georgi Staykov, Ralitsa Zhikova, Pedro Bellini Emmanoelli, Jérôme Guiraud and Rachel Payne



  1. Michal Siewniak says

    Wow…I can’t stop thinking about our conference!!

    It has exceeded my expectations! I have never been to the MOVE Week Congress so I was unsure what to expect.

    It has been the most amazing experience. People, place, workshops, presentations, networking, the whole “feel” about the MOVE Week gathering meant that I felt like at home from day one. I have learnt so much, I have seen so many fascinating projects and initiatives. Our conference proved once more that sport “unites” and it can be the most powerful tool in terms of breaking down barriers and promoting dialogue.

    GAME has completely blown me away. What a venue!!!! WOW!!!!

    I am such a fan of the Danish people. Their creativity, innovation and ability to deliver a real change is extraordinary.

    I have already had a chance to talk to people about my experience and I will be meeting very soon our local community sport network (which is behind the MOVE Week in East Hertfordshire) to share my views and encourage us to be part of the “ISCA family” for many years to come.

    Thank you for all your efforts to make the MOVE Week such a success story.


    • MoveWeekMaster says

      Thanks so much Michal! It’s also the engagement and energy of our participants that makes for a great event – so thanks to you too!

  2. says

    This was my first Move Week Conference and it was a great experience. I met some new friends and some old friends as I had been to Denmark before about 12 years ago and had a tour of all the DGI facilities.
    What struck me was the friendliness of everyone from the young to the more mature person. Every workshop, event or tour that I went on was very interesting and I know that I speak for my SALSC colleagues as well.
    Seeing also what was on offer for everyone in not just Denmark but the experiences from representatives of other countries around the world who were there.
    Sport / physical activity can save lives and it can all be fun. What we need to do is to speak with those who hold the balance of power and of course the purse strings and educate them into seeing all the benefits.
    Will I be back to Copenhagen? Yes, next year I will bring my wife to see the delights of your lovely city.
    Thank you again for a wonderful time.

    • MoveWeekMaster says

      Thank you Bob, that’s great to hear! We’re really glad you enjoyed it and were able to share some inspiration from South Lanarkshire’s great work in the field too. Look forward to seeing you again!

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