Malta MOVEs!

Malta FlashmobEverything is set and ready to go for MOVE Week 2014 in Malta. At least 58 events are scheduled in 29 cities, the venues are arranged and the only thing that is missing is the participants. That will not be a problem, as the wide variety of events will be suited to everyone’s taste and capability. They range from educational talks on physiotherapy, conducted by the Malta Association of Physiotherapists, focusing on how people can exercise safely and prevent health problems, to Wheelchair Basketball in the Central Bank car park organised by the Malta Basketball Association.

The flagship events will also be versatile, with participants being able to enjoy amusing activities such as Cama Cama Super Jump at Silema Pitch, organised by Kunsill Malti ghall-lsport and Valletta 2018, which will be a fun jump in a costume or wearing a funny wig. This is a charity event in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, a residence for people with disabilities. The participants will be able to nominate their friends or companies to take up the challenge through a video, or by typing “Cama Cama” on the Facebook page of the event.

Another flagship event, organised by the same MOVE Agent, will be Walk the Towers, also a charity event which will be held in aid of the Community Chest Fund, a charitable institution chaired by the President of Malta.

MOVE Week Flash Mob? Of course there was a flash mob, and they did it on a bridge in Valletta. This sent the message of a united Europe, without borders, that comes together through physical activity and joy. You can find the video of the flash mob here.

Malta is ready to MOVE, we hope that you are too!

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