Malta kicks off MOVE Week with beach festival

MOVE Week Malta beach3

Following on from a successful No Elevators Day, where the Maltese Parliament closed off elevators in its building and encouraged its politicians to take the stairs, Malta has started MOVE Week with a multi-sport Beach Sports and Fitness Festival in the late spring sun. The festival marked the official opening of MOVE Week in Malta on 22 May.

Tanya Zahra, Event Manager of Sport Malta, said the event was a success despite the scorching temperatures on the beach.

MOVE Week Malta beach6“A big thank you goes to all who took part – the biggest challenge was the heat but the atmosphere was great.”

Many more events are planned on the MOVE Week calendar in Malta this year, and they include Family on the Move on 26 May and a MOVE Dance Show on 27 May.

Sport Malta and the Maltese Parliament are official supporters of the NowWeMOVE campaign and are upscaling their events over the next two years. Look out for local politicians taking part in a 5 km run during MOVE Week.

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Photos by SportMalta

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