If I had 100 million euros…

What would you do if you had 100 million euros? That was the provocative question ISCA Secretary General, Jacob Schouenborg, posed to the Youth on the MOVE training participants on Saturday in Barcelona.

Encouraging them to be as persuasive as possible when selling an idea or a project, Jacob wanted to see their passion and belief, and find out the ideal “[…] future you believe in and want others to do to”.

The session was shared with the members of the ISCA Executive Committee, who listened to the participants’ proposals and gave them feedback on how to make their projects more appealing to partners, sponsors and targeted groups. There was a common understanding that young people’s ideas are necessary to solve today’s social inactivity, to make a real change and have an impact in their communities. The general advice was that the role of the participants is not get hear, but rather to be speaking up.

ISCA Executive Committee Member Jakub Kalinowski shared his experience in project management and advised the participants to always make their projects personal and to use their emotions when promoting them. In his words: “When I see fire in people’s eyes, I believe in it”.

This complemented what ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby expressed as a need to show more heart, to make people understand why you are here and the past you have that can help you shape your future. ISCA Vice President Maria Luiza Souza Dias and Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz, both Executive Committee members from Latin America, considered the importance of multiplication, expansion and transfer of good ideas to other communities, countries and continents.

All members of the Executive Committee referred to the importance of being authentic, being original and being true to ourselves. In this sense, Executive Member Jane Greenberg, said that “who you are is your passion and your compassion to other people”.

And now, to make this article more personal, I, Maria Lourdes, was there as a participant and saw first-hand that the 29 Youth on the MOVE participants share a passion and are hungry to make a  change, have a positive impact in their communities and to get Europe MOVING.

The Youth On The MOVE training is done, now it is time for action. And the NowWeMOVE campaign can count on 29 new, active and passionate MOVE Agents from 15 countries who are ready and prepared to deliver an action plan that will move Europe so much that the rest of the world will feel it too.

Find out more about the Youth on the MOVE project


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