“I nominate… NED!”

With just over one week to go until No Elevators Day 2017, the International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA) team is launching a new social media challenge in honour of the day – “I nominate… NED!”

It doesn’t take much to become a No Elevators Day (NED) ambassador. You only need a functioning elevator that could be easily boycotted. Not only on 26 April but before and after.

To raise awareness of No Elevators Day 2017 and encourage everyone to take one step towards a healthier lifestyle, we invite you to join the NED Nomination Challenge.

Our first No Elevators Day ambassador Elena shows how easy is to boycott the elevators. Even though she passes one every day on her way to work, she still chooses the stairs. But today she has another task – to nominate three other people who now have to take the stairs, too.

Want to participate as well? It’s easy:

  1. Take a video of yourself doing the NED Nomination Challenge
  2. Climb the stairs
  3. Nominate three other future Stair Champions
  4. Share the video on social media, using the #NoElevatorsDay hashtag

Nominating your family, friends and peers is only the first step. On 26 April, No Elevators Day events will also take place at European Parliament, where MEPs have the chance to nominate other European politicians and officials. This will truly raise the NED Nomination Challenge to a pan-European level!

The social media challenge is a good way to show your support. Change starts with the first step, whether it’s taken by you, your family, or the next king of England. Become a No Elevators Day ambassador and let’s take the stairs together!

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