How young people can motivate themselves…

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By Lucia Stevens, Ollerup Academy of Physical Education

When you are young, people will often tell you that life is about finding what you love doing and doing it.

One very demotivating problem with this is if you don’t know what you love doing. For some, this creates paranoia that maybe you don’t have (or never will have) a passion in life for one particular thing. This is a very demotivating thought.

One of the most unique qualities of humans is curiosity. Curiosity is the key! Be motivated by the fact that there is an infinite multitude of experiences in life, and there always will be. Motivation comes from open mindedness. Especially when you’re young, there is much to learn, see and do. Go to new places with friends, or make new friends in new places. Try activities you’ve never done and be open to change and transformation.

However, this vastness of opportunity can also be demotivating, mostly due to the fear of failure. In this day and age, fear of failure gains more and more momentum for young people, since society places so much emphasis on the standards of achievement, particularly in the world of sport. But truly, competition is only one aspect of sport. If we broaden our thoughts to think about sport more generally as physical movement, much of it is not at all about standards of achievement, or winning and losing.

In fact, when it comes to physical activity (and other areas of life), the greatest loss of all will be the failure to try, because failure to participate means the loss of an experience – one of the essential elements of life. Yes it’s challenging, but to accept that you’re not going to be great at everything, but you will still participate and try, is to gain a new experience, to transform, and to know yourself better. Be curious. Maybe you will find your passion/s or maybe your passion is to exercise your curiosity – the very thing that causes us to explore the possible avenues in life.

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