How to choose the right trainer

nowwemove, move week, personal trainer, workout, fitness, training, health, benefits, right choiceThere is no doubt workouts led by an expert can be very good for you. Research (1, 2) shows exercising with a personal trainer can significantly boost your motivation and results.

To tell you more, here is what a personal trainer should be able to do for you:

  • make your workouts safe and efficient
  • motivate you
  • teach you the proper technique
  • monitor your progress
  • adjust your training plan according to your progress and results
  • offer competent advice on good nutrition
  • vary the exercise routines to keep you enjoying what you do, maintain your interest and your motivation
  • teach you how to manage some exercises on your own

nowwemove, move week, personal trainer, workout, fitness, training, health, benefits, right choice, sit-ups, russian twist, heavy ball, medicine ball, abs
But how do you choose the right one – the trainer who will be a match to your temperament, the one who will be able to guide you all the way to being your fittest self while caring for your health and safety?


  1. They have to be certified. Good trainers have certifications from reputable organisations or degrees in sport/fitness field. And since you’ll be putting your health in this person’s hands, you should not be afraid to ask for proof of their certification.
  2. What is their approach to preventing or dealing with injuries? We all have our nagging pains, old traumas and other health concerns. A good trainer should be able to adjust your routine to work around these.
  3. As in every profession, those who are the best are the ones who love what they do. These people always try to extend their knowledge and skills. Best trainers are always updated on trends and fitness-related research. They don’t preach about a single method and they are aware every individual requires a different approach.
  4. A personal trainer’s personality is highly important. No relationship is possible without some kind of chemistry, right? What’s more, when you like a person and get along with them, it’s much more likely for you to trust and respect them, and enjoy your time together.
  5. Cost and availability, of course. A great trainer is basically priceless. But for most of us it is not possible to pay as much as we’d like to. Do a little research and see if someone matches your budget and criteria. If the one you like most is above the affordable rate, see if they offer semi-private workouts or any discounts about buying sessions in bulk. Another option to consider is to still work with the same trainer, but less frequently while you, by yourself, follow the program they’ve designed for you.
  6. Be picky. You don’t always buy the first pair of jeans you see in the store. You try different ones on and you make sure the price is right. Since trusting someone with your health is a much bigger deal, our advice is to shop around first.
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  1. says

    Hey guys.. Do you also think, it is hard to select a fitness trainer for you? Some time ago, i was in a huge trap of this question. I was looking for a Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, but again the problem was, what should i look in my personal trainer. I am happy that finally i got a way out to know about the particulars which one should look while hiring a personal trainer by reaching here.

    • T Dragomirova says

      Thank you for your comment! We are happy to be useful and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask – we will do our best to help!

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