Greece joins Journey of Hope celebrations to promote active transport

Journey of Hope_cycling side event_Peloponnese_GreeceNot on the Journey of Hope route? You can still celebrate the event and use it to promote what you and your organisation believe in. With a passion for cycling and promoting physical activity, NowWeMOVE National Coordinator for Greece, Georgios Farfaras, saw it as a perfect opportunity to gather local support for active transport.

Despite not being on the official NowWeBike 2016 route, Greece has got into the action hosting a press conference and side event celebrating the start of the Journey of Hope at the Headquarters of the Region of Peloponnese. On Thursday 18 August, at 11:00 pm, representatives from the region presented the tour, which is part of the European Week of Sport 2016 #BeActive, to local citizens and stakeholders.

Journey of Hope_active transport press conference_Peloponnese_GreeceThe Region of Peloponnese actively participates in the NowWeMOVE campaign and is also organising European Week of Sport 2016 events. All citizens were invited to take part in the press conference, held in cooperation with the Department of Cycling of the Greek association football club in Tripoli, AEK Tripoli and the Social Cooperative, and Greenways Social Cooperative Enterprise, the National Coordinator of the NowWeMOVE campaign in Greece.

The Regional Governor in Peloponnese, Petros Tatoulis, the National Coordinator of the NowWeMOVE campaign in Greece, Georgios Farfaras, and the President of AEK Tripolis, Panagiotis Valasopoulos, used the press conference to raise awareness about cycling, the benefits of being active and putting an ending to sedentary lifestyle, and promoting physical activity.

The press conference was also attended by the Deputy Regional Governor of Arcadia, Evangelos Giannakouras, Thematic Deputy Regional Governors, Konstantina Nikolaki, Elias Stratigakos and Vasileios Sideris, the Regional Counsellor, George Roumeliotis, member of the Youth Committee and Sports of Municipality of Thessaloniki and Regional Coordinator of NowWeMOVE campaign in Central Macedonia, Helen Louarasi, and Head of Department of Cycling in AEK Tripoli, Anthonios Farfaras.

“The Region of Peloponnese strongly supports this action and aims to create a stable institution that raises public awareness about the sport sector and its role in wellness, welfare and longevity. The environment in the Peloponnese is ideal for developing certified cycling routes which will attract cycling tourism,” Petros Tatoulis says.

“It is crucial to inspire young generations in Arcadia and Peloponnese with sports and culture. I am very satisfied with this action, which is fully supported by the Region of Peloponnese, and also, the immediate response from the Department of Cycling, AEK Tripoli, calling for more participation,” Panagiotis Valasopoulos states.

The National Coordinator of the NowWeMOVE campaign in Greece, Georgios Farfaras, noted that his organsation’s motivation of being part of NowWeBike action is to encourage participation in physical activity, to provide more opportunities for physical activity among citizens and to take part in a pan-European action by bicycle. He said the bicycle is a means of sustainable mobility and sustainable tourism in cities, as well as being an important social, entertainment, sport and recreation activity.

This article is a modified translation of an article originally published in Greek, which you can read here

The Journey of Hope is co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Sport programme and promotes the #BeActive message.

Please visit the official website if you would like more information about the tour and the team.

Please visit the official website if you would like more information about the campaign.

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