Five good habits to keep active and warm during winter

Winter is coming… And while it’s tempting to go into hibernation mode, you still need to stay active!
Here are five active habits you can add your daily routine, which can help keep your motivation and body temperature up without turning up the heating.

1) Start your warm-up routine before you get out of bed
Good habits can start early in the morning under the duvet, even when we don’t want to get out of bed. Use this cosy moment to wake up your body! While you’re still under the covers, start to move slowly: First wiggle your toes several times, then roll your ankles and wrists. Tighten your muscles and release. This will reactivate the blood flow.

2) Raise your body temperature from within
Follow the example of Tibetan monks, who practice a rare form of mediation known as the “toumo”, and who know how to control their “inner heat”. Indeed, they can raise their internal temperature, just be using the sheer force of will.
– The first technique requires you to be concentrated on “seeing” the flames at the base of your backbone
– The second is a breathing technique which releases heat

3) Warm up your feet
When you stay immobile in the cold, either outside waiting for a bus or inside (sitting at your desk), the extremities of the body are always the first to cool down. So here are some exercises to warm your feet.
If you are sitting, stretch your legs up and with your toes facing upward. If you can, get up and walk around to activate your blood circulation. Alternate from your tiptoes to heels or do small jumps.

4) Take opportunities to be active during the day
Walk to the bus stop – or all the way to work if you live close by. Climb stairs, walk faster… All of these active ways to get from A to B (in addition to regular physical activity) and warm up your body.

5) Finish you day with…a Viking Challenge!
How can cold water make you warm? Winter bathers in the Nordic countries swear that regular dips into icy water prevent colds, improve circulation and even your mood! So take a dip into the sea or – for the less courageous – take a cold shower!

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