Everybody wins in active families!

Active family

For our parents’ generations, staying at home usually meant staying inside with their parents, cleaning their room or doing their homework. The world on the other side of the window seemed much more tempting, especially when there were other kids out there to play with. Nowadays staying at home offers many more entertainment options, especially ones involving a screen. Children can even interact with other children when they’re sitting in front of the screen.

Kids, just like adults, prefer to spend their free time doing what is most enjoyable. So let’s make exercise more fun! And why not do it together as a family?

Being an active family means spending time with your children, playing, shaking off negative thoughts and emotions, doing something for your own physical health and helping your child to strengthen their muscles. Last, but not least, learning about games and their rules activates your child’s brain cells. It’s hard to overlook so many positives. So go for it, make exercise more fun and do it together as a family.

Tips to achieve your goal of being an active family

  • Turn the TV off and keep it off for as long as possible. Or try to embrace modern technology and make a use for it using fitness and activity games.
  • Spend more time outside. Fresh air and sunshine are mood boosters!
  • Go for a walk and explore your surroundings. Have you been out together yet this winter?
  • Kids can be very motivated by competitions, goals, targets and tracking progress. Organise a tournament or contest and engage all the family or other kids from your neighbourhood.
  • Vary it! Don’t limit your ideas to a swimming pool membership. Find out what your child’s favourite activity is. It may be a ball game, running races, biking, climbing, hiking or even treasure hunting.
  • The weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities? Then stay home and put some music on – it will boost your mood and the rhythm will certainly give you the urge to dance.


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