Ditch the elevator for your health!

Get ready to close off your elevators and escalators in the public spaces and workplaces to promote stair climbing as a healthy habit that keeps people moving throughout the day!

For the second year, No Elevators Day, as part of the ISCA’s NowWeMove Campaign, will take place all over Europe on 13 May. 59% of the European population is reported to never or rarely exercise or play sport (Eurobarometer 2014). What’s more, lack of physical activity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. So let’s initiate a lasting change in our colleagues’, friends’ and family’s habits – lead by example and inspire them by taking the stairs!

You can also be an official No Elevators Day ambassador by organising an event in your office or community and registering it on the No Elevators Day website https://no-elevators-day.nowwemove.com/

Here are some good reasons to get involved:

  • It will encourage you to find your MOVE, despite your busy schedule and add more physical activity to your everyday life.
  • It will help you contribute to both your personal health and your society – regular physical activity helps people achieve/maintain better health and decreases medical costs for the societies.
  • By joining NowWeMOVE activities in your country and participating in the European No Elevators Day, you’ll become a part of the global efforts to support healthy lifestyle.
  • You’ll give yourself and your colleagues, employees, neighbours or students a chance to build a healthy habit that might lead to a significant life improvement.
  • It’s easy! All it requires is to ditch the elevator just for a day and see how quick it is to take the stairs instead – if you’re climbing 2-3 floors, make it a race to the top against your colleagues or neighbours who are taking the elevator!

So, instead of burning electricity, why not burn some calories? Your body will thank you and you will feel much better. “Step up” and take the stairs on the 13 May!

Get more info, resources and register your event by visiting the NED Website: https://no-elevators-day.nowwemove.com/

Participation to the event is voluntary and access to elevators will be insured for people with disabilities and medical conditions, as well as for those not willing to participate.

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