FlashMOVE: Unity in diversity


Albert Einstein said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Well, let me challenge one of the most brilliant minds the planet Earth has seen and maybe admit that we, at the NowWeMOVE campaign, can be a bit insane. The FlashMOVE as an idea has been taking place […]

FlashMOVE atop the Tower of Belem in Portugal


On 10 September the Tower of Belem (Torre de Belém), one of the most significant monuments of Lisbon, will host the FlashMOVE, the official opening event of the European Week of Sport (EWoS). The event will take place from 09:30am extending until 12:00pm (local time in Lisbon). The same dance will be carried out by […]

FlashMOVE sneak-peak: Budapest is ready to #FlashMOVE the city


For many kids superheroes are those who can fly, have exceptional powers and can save a whole country with only a strong fist and the help of superhero friend. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, you name it – they have inspired generations of kids to become better and stronger like them. Hungary has a square dedicated to […]

“A good role model for the ladies” | Why Shirin Mehmood was a perfect fit for the This Girl Can campaign

Shirin Mehmood, Lead Officer for Birmingham of the the UK's This Girl Can campaign - ISCA MOVE Congress 2015

Despite only being one-year-old, the UK’s This Girl Can campaign is already reporting that it is “changing behaviour”. A recent study claims that 2.8 million women who know about the campaign say it has prompted them to be more active, while 1.6 million women say it has inspired them to start exercising. Launched by Sport […]

NowWeMOVE the Internet: channeling health, energy and performance

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It’s impossible to deny the importance of social media today. It has proven to be a powerful tool for communication and information exchange. Social media’s importance for social, educational and motivational purposes is growing – new friendships and partnerships are being born, people are learning more and finding inspiration in others. NowWeMOVE is a campaign […]

I have a high blood pressure. Should I be active?


Besides reducing consumption of salt, alcohol, foods high in trans-fats and sugars, as well as avoiding smoking, bringing physical activity into our lives is one of the strongest steps towards preventing non-communicable diseases, including high blood pressure (HBP) and hypertension, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Lack of physical activity is recognised as a […]

Change starts from the bottom up – become a MOVE Agent today

MOVE Week 2014 statistics

In past decades we discovered smoking was one of the biggest threats to public health. Now we know there is even bigger threat – lack of physical activity. About 2/3 of European population do not meet the recommended amount of physical activity. As a consequence physical inactivity contributes to 1 million deaths in Europe. Europe […]

Vitor Abud will move your body, mind and soul


25, with Brazilian blood and an international mind – this is how Vitor Abud describes himself. He became an inspiration for our team and followers when he introduced us to his passionate nature and created the NowWeMOVE Manifesto and the Call For MOVE Agents video. Vitor has been physically active since he was a little […]

Nine initiatives selected for MOVE Transfer national in 2015/2016

MOVE Transfer graphic

ISCA has selected nine grassroots sport initiatives for hard-to-reach target groups that will be up-scaled or transferred to different communities within the same European country in 2015/2016. These initiatives have been identified as having run successfully in their current location and demonstrated the potential to expand their scope. Organisations from Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, […]

No Time For Physical Activity? Your Opportunity Is Now!


  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that an adult individual needs more than 2 hours a week of moderate-intensity exercise to be in a good shape. That shouldn’t be so hard to achieve if you let yourself get a little more creative. The most common reason for people not to be physically active is […]