Square Dancing


The opening of the European Week of Sport (EWoS) was a great success all over the continent. A variety of activities took to the streets of every country inviting all citizens to BE ACTIVE. But there was one common activity that appeared on streets, plazas and in public spaces of more than 70 cities: the […]

Plan your European School Sport Day event with its free toolkit and resources

European School Sport Day_BeActive

The European School Sport Day on 30 September is a pan-European initiative and we intend to make it accessible for every European country. The event’s main goal is to promote physical activity and health on international level and involve as many children and young people, schools and organisations as possible. It is a celebration which provides the […]

Intense dance course for FlashMOVE


10 September is just around the corner and lack of time is not an excuse to go out and perform an excellent FlashMOVE dance. If there are some people in your community who need an extra push of motivation and confidence to dance, the easy steps will help them on their way. The FlashMOVE choreography combines different […]

MOVE Agents: Measure the impact of your events with our new Survey and Data Collection toolkit

Survey and Data collection toolkit_sport events

A good event is something that can be measured by gut feeling or by numbers. But if you’re looking for supporters for your activities it’s best to dazzle them with your numbers first. Our new MOVE Agents Survey and Data Collection toolkit will help you gather all the essential information from the participants in your […]

Your own flash mob in 5 easy steps


When you dance you follow the music in time, usually 4 beats to the bar, that indicate different moves, building the choreography to the song’s beats. But before you take part in the FlashMOVE dance, you need to follow another five steps. Here we present you five easy steps that will help you to plan […]

Journey of Hope event idea #6: Invite your local media to cover the event

NowWeBike_interview Croatia

Your city will be in the spotlight when the Journey of Hope cross-border cycling tour arrives. Don’t let your local media miss it – let them know in advance and invite them to interview the team. This is a great opportunity for publicity! With the 6 event ideas we have presented you on the NowWeMOVE blog, […]

Journey of Hope event idea #5: Be inclusive – #BeActive


Use the Journey of Hope to celebrate all members of your community. Anything is possible if you have an opportunity to #BeActive! Last year the NowWeBike team was joined by a group of blind cyclists, who rode with them in Turkey. They were later joined by wheelchair cyclists for another part of their journey. If […]

Journey of Hope event idea #4: Arrange a for the team to meet your local mayor

NowWeBike_meeting the mayor

Local authorities, the Journey of Hope has put your city on its map – this is a great chance to celebrate! What better way to welcome the team than with an official greeting from your local mayor? Show your support for physical activity and active transport and show the way forward for the Journey of […]

FlashMOVE toolkits ready for your use

FlashMOVE Dancing NowWeMOVE

The biggest simultaneous flash mob in Europe will be taking place on 10 September, 11:00 C.E.T and there is no reason for you and your community to miss it. Toolkits and guides are ready for you to use at the FlashMOVE website and to start preparing the biggest dance party of the continent. At the […]

Journey of Hope event idea #3: Show off your city’s landmark


What is your city’s most exciting tourist attraction? Check the Journey of Hope route and see whether the team will arrive there – and make sure you grab that photo opportunity when they do! Organise a side event that will attract people to the landmark and keep them there until the team arrives. Inform your […]