Journey of Hope event idea #1: Organise a live Q&A with the team


What’s it like to ride across Europe for 31 days? Local municipalities or city councils, gather your community on its favourite square and invite them to ask the team all about their adventure. Find a translator who can help if your locals have trouble understanding English. Make sure they also know they can bring their […]

Don’t let the Journey of Hope pass by your city unnoticed

Journey of hope

Welcome the team and get your community involved  Europeans have plenty to hope for. They range from better health, to a healthier environment, to peaceful ways they can enjoy each other’s company. From 18 August to 17 September 2016, our team of cyclists will embark on a Journey of Hope for Europe, travelling through Denmark, […]

Save the dates! Get ready for the Journey of Hope, FlashMOVE and European Fitness Day


We spent the first half of the year avoiding the elevators and moving all around the continent during MOVE Week. And the summer months will find us working to prepare a cross border cycling tour (Journey of Hope), and Europe’s biggest simultaneous flash mob (FlashMOVE) and most active day of year (European Fitness Day). With […]

NowWeMOVE calendar for 2016 takes shape: MOVE Week springs to May


Building on successful trials of new initiatives in 2015, the NowWeMOVE campaign is expanding its all-year round activity even further in 2016. The campaign, initiated by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), is planned to include more initiatives targeting European citizens and promoting the importance and benefits of the regular physical activity. The expansion of the […]

NowWeBike in the Netherlands! How slow can you go?

MOVE Week Slowbiking Netherlands

Finding your move isn’t about being the fastest or the strongest – it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. That was the clear message at the first day of the Netherlands’ own take on the NowWeBike tour – Slowbiking. The tour started in Kapelle on Tuesday 22 September with the local children taking each other […]

“NowWeBike” European Cross-Border Tour Finished in Brussels 


Team of Volunteer Cyclists Promotes Physical Activity and Tolerance across Europe Cycling over 3,000 km through 14 Countries 10 September 2015, Brussels: On 9 September the “NowWeBike” team of three volunteer cyclists finished its European cross border tour after biking for 47 days and almost 3,000 km. The team went through 14 European countries covering […]

This week’s MOVE mission: make as many people MOVE as possible!

MOVE Week_EWoS_Brussels_collage

NowWeMOVE campaign staff and MOVE Week volunteers went to Brussels this week to mark the first European Week of Sport with one mission in front of them: to make as many people as they could in and around the Square Meeting Centre MOVE. From 7-9 September, the MOVE Week stand at the Square attracted passers-by […]

Meet the NowWeBike team at the finish line in Brussels

NowWeBike finish line

Come and see the team of three volunteer cyclists from Turkey finish their journey in Brussels, Belgium, after cycling 47 days, more than 2.700 km., through 14 countries, using 8 different EuroVelo routes, celebrating physical activity and tolerance. The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) invites you to the NowWeBike tour final […]

Osijek: a home away from home for NowWeBike team


The NowWeBike team arrived in Croatia earlier this month, continuing its cross-border tour from Turkey to Brussels. Team member Emel Calkam tells her story about visiting Osijek, a town that reminded her of home… “After we spent a very nice time in Novi Sad, Serbia, and exchanged many ideas related to various cycling events and […]

Family, friends and sea air give NowWeBike team a refreshing boost

NowWeBike in Yalova

After a short stop in Yalova, where we were welcomed by local cyclist Hasan Turakine and his family, who took us on a cycling tour by the seaside, we travelled to Istanbul by ferry. The Marmara Sea made us feel fresh and ready for the Istanbul NowWeBike tour. When we arrived at Pendik Station, members […]