Pregnancy and physical activity go well together

You’ve always had an active lifestyle, but can you keep moving even when you’re pregnant? Yes, you can! It is common for most newly pregnant women to be cautious, even when it comes to the slightest physical activity, so as not to damage their baby. But the good news is that moving around can really […]

Sit straight and bend your legs 90 degrees

This American story gives us inspiration and more tips when it comes to fighting sedentary life at the office. The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health states that over 50% of adults in the US don’t meet recommended amounts of physical activity per day, but Jason Queiros, a chiropractor, gives valuable tips on […]

Walk and talk

Europeans are becoming less and less active and one of our biggest obstacles is the many hours we sit chained to our desks at work. The latest Eurobarometer survey showed that 295 million people, or 59% of European citizens, say that they never or very seldom exercise or do sport. At the same time more […]