Scientifically Proven: A Small Effort Can Prevent Long-term Health Complications

We often talk about how lack of physical activity affects the cardiovascular system and the entire body. Sedentary lifestyle has become a typical feature of people who work at a desk and health concerns are growing on a global scale. Sitting throughout the whole working day can seriously reduce the blood flow to your legs, according […]

Outdoor training throughout all four seasons – why?

If you are used to indoor training, you’re probably familiar with all its practical benefits. But have you tried how it feels to be active outside of the gym? It is a great opportunity to challenge your body and boost your results while enjoying the landscape, the sun, the light breeze and even a little […]

I have a high blood pressure. Should I be active?

Besides reducing consumption of salt, alcohol, foods high in trans-fats and sugars, as well as avoiding smoking, bringing physical activity into our lives is one of the strongest steps towards preventing non-communicable diseases, including high blood pressure (HBP) and hypertension, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Lack of physical activity is recognised as a […]

Make It A Stairway To Health

We already talked about the health benefits stair climbing brings but we have a few more things to share with you! Stair climbing is an intense but not harmful exercise and also one of the most effective methods of preventive medicine. Almost all competitive athletes are often asked by their coaches to charge up the […]

10 ways to turn the stairs into a gym

To turn the stairs into a gym, all you need is your motivation, your body weight and ideas for some stair-suitable exercises. We’ve got the third part covered for you. When using the staircase for your workout, you can: 1. Warm-up your body: 2. Train your abs: 3. Jump and get your cardio training: 4. Train your chest […]

No Time For Physical Activity? Your Opportunity Is Now!

  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that an adult individual needs more than 2 hours a week of moderate-intensity exercise to be in a good shape. That shouldn’t be so hard to achieve if you let yourself get a little more creative. The most common reason for people not to be physically active is […]

Why physical activity is important at all ages, part II

When it comes to kids it’s not very hard to motivate them to be active and play, but it is also important to get the elderly people in your family moving. We highlight some new research on why physical activity has a positive impact of exercise on brain and motor function in older age in […]