MOVE Week Croatia

Croatian health sector supports MOVE Week for fifth consecutive year Since 2014, the Croatian Ministry of Health, an important stakeholder in physical activity and active lifestyle promotion, has been one important driver of MOVE Week in Croatia. Several other health care and medical centres across Croatia also continued their support for MOVE Week 2016 as […]

Operation MOVE

Marisha NowWeMove

International bloggers get behind the NowWeMOVE campaign: May was a busy month for the NowWeMOVE campaign. Starting with stair climbing on No Elevators Day (13 May), and finishing with a variety of MOVE Week events scattered all over the continent, Europe has been a hub of physical activity promotion. Every year the success of the […]

MOVE and take one step forward!

Have you ever heard that walking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to stay physically fit, get slim and, not least, stay healthy? And because of this, walking is the perfect exercise for many people. All you need is proper walking shoes, your favorite walking route and a few tips to get the […]

Defying the “inferiority complex” in physical activity advocacy

The plenary session of the MOVE Congress 2015 on 6 November aimed to connect the data with the doers in physical activity promotion. In other words, grassroots stakeholders in physical activity are the mobilisers who can deliver compelling data to policy-makers, provide the solutions and ultimately make a difference. But often they are lacking the […]

How can UNESCO’s revised Charter on physical education and sport become a game-changer?

Photos: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game. In a session dedicated to the revised UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education and Sport, ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby called for ‘game changing’ initiatives when he spoke at the international Play the Game 2015 conference on 28 October. How can a document be a change-maker in practice as well as […]

Doctors could prescribe Tai Chi to relieve chronic disease patients

Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese practice consisting of slow stretching movements, breathing and balance techniques, may provide relief among older adults with chronic diseases by improving symptoms and quality of life, a recent study says. The study, conducted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and published in the British Journal of Sports […]

40 minutes of outside play a day keeps myopia away

Unglue your children from the TV screens and electronic devices and ask them to play outside. It is good for their eyes!   Myopia (short sightedness) affects many school-aged children around the world and is fast becoming a major public health issue of our time. Nobody disputes genetics’ role in short-sightedness, but environmental factors also […]

ISCA President shares ISCA/CEBR report findings and MOVE Week projections at European Parliament CULT Committee hearing

The economic cost of physical inactivity in Europe came to the fore in the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) meeting and workshop on 14 September. Other key topics on the agenda were the roles of social inclusion, integration, education and culture in the promotion of sport and physical activity. But after a […]