Breaking records, breaking barriers

FlashMOVELast year the FlashMOVE moved 70 cities, in 22 countries, with more than 6,500 dancers having fun and working out at the same time. It marked the beginning of the MOVE Week on the whole continent and its success as undeniable as┬áthe previous editions’. This year, the FlashMOVE will be even bigger and louder, as the bar has been raised, the challenge and responsibility increased.

This year the FlashMOVE is the official opening event of the Second European Week of Sport (EWoS), so it is not only counting on MOVE Agents’ support, but also on the National Coordinators Bodies of EWoS. The FlashMOVE will give the visibility to kick off this continental movement and keep moving towards an active and cooperative Europe. This cooperation is seen in the music and dance selection, where different partners of ISCA came together, one providing the music, SportMalta, and the other the dance, Slovenian Sport for All (SUS).

FlashMOVEAnd you and your community can also be part of this. When you register your event, your neighbours, family and friends will be part of Europe, a Europe that is ready to overcome obstacles, to achieve greater thing and to unite us all under one simple message: being physically active and having fun. With your active participation we are going to break last year’s records and make sure that 10 September, 11:00 C.E.T┬ábecomes the biggest dance party on the continent.

Visit the FlashMOVE website, register your event and like it is commonly said in the artistic world: Break a leg! Or how we like to say in the NowWeMOVE world: Break a MOVE!

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