Be part of the most active day in Europe

European Fitness Day – 15 September 2016

Join the most active day of the year.

Join the most active day of the year.

What would a dream day for a fitness or leisure centre look like? Hundreds – maybe even thousands – of potential new members walking through your doors and trying your facilities? Existing members bringing their friends along and showing them what you have to offer?

We want to see this dream day come true, so this year the International Sport and Culture Association is organising the first European Fitness Day – the most active day of the year. On 15 September 2016, you are invited to celebrate European Fitness Day in the way that suits you best. European Fitness Day has been selected by the EU as an official European Week of Sport event, and is based on the National Fitness Day in the UK, which has been delivered by ukactive since 2014. In 2015 the UK National Fitness Day engaged local citizens in 12,000 events, challenges and classes, with a national media reach of more than 30 million. Our goal: We need your motivation and support to coordinate and organise 15,000 events through which we will move a minimum of 750,000 European citizens on one day.

Remember when we move together, we can go further. Join the most active day of Europe. Register your event here.


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