Be Active in The Summer Heat – 10 Practical Tips

Just as winter, summer can seriously challenge us when it comes to staying active. To help us overcome this challenge, our body is provided with “an integrated cooling system” which we should still be careful with during the summer heat and try to ease the work of our natural cooler – especially if we intend to move actively.


How does it work?

The body has the ability to regulate its own temperature even when the surrounding temperature is very different. When it’s hot, our body radiates heat to cool down and when we are active – it has to radiate even more – this is when our face gets red during a workout or an active game, as more blood is being pumped to the surface of the skin.

Don’t frown at sweat – it is the most important cooling technique our body uses to keep us on our feet in the hot weather. When we sweat, our heat partially evaporates in the surrounding environment. But it doesn’t go away immediately – the little drops of sweat stay on our skin for a while and let us enjoy the light breeze to give us some extra cooling sensation.

Sweat is basically water our body spends on our well-being. We should return the favour and do our best to stay well hydrated – to support the cooling processes and to avoid overheating, exhaustion, potential strokes and even death.

Which workouts are better on a sizzling summer day?


If you’re not in a specific situation like a complicated pregnancy, suffering from a condition where intense physical activity is not allowed, or a condition where only certain type of activity is recommended, you can involve yourself in all kinds of movement and enjoy the benefits. But you should still think smart and be careful.

To help you be safe and active when it’s hot outside, we have prepared several important tips for you and your friends: 

  • Stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water, especially if you’re dealing with blood pressure issues (high or low blood pressure). 2L daily is usually the minimum recommended amount. But be careful during intense activity – when you should drink 150-200ml in small sips every 15-20 minutes.
  • The early bird catches the worm. Set an early alarm and do your workout before it gets too hot. You will avoid the exhaustion from the heat and will start your day on the right foot.
  • Your hardest, most intense workouts can be done inside your home or in the gym.
  • If you are a runner, take advantage of the summer rain – it will be different from your usual runs and the raindrops will help cool you off.
  • Go for a swim! Whether you swim in the sea or in a pool is of no importance, but swimming can be an intense workout without overheating your body.
  • Play with your kids and friends like a child, spraying each other with a hose in the yard. Guaranteed fun, movement and a less threatening activity for the body.
  • Find a cool outdoor spot for training – the shady parts of the park, forests, maybe a boardwalk near the sea or the ocean. The shade will always keep you safer.
  • Train in the late evening. The sun is down, there is not as much traffic on the streets, and maybe a gentle breeze will make it feel easier.
  • Choose light clothing made of natural materials.
  • ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you start feeling dizzy, nauseous, week or exhausted; if your skin gets pale, moist and cool; if you start having a headache or cramps; if your breathing gets fast and shallow; if you pulse is fast and weak – STOP IMMEDIATELY, walk to some place cooler, drink water and rest. Your body is the greatest advisor of all and can always tell you what is best.jogging

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