Growing trends in physical activity: Leveraging mass events for sustainable physical activity participation


The Growing Trends in Physical Activity workshop at the MOVE Congress 2015 was moderated by Dr. Niamh Murphy, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, who started the session with a pressing question for international sport: Can major events be part of the strategy of NGOs to attract inactive people to sport and physical activity offers? The […]

Running: the fastest growing physical activity trend in the world


A workshop discussing new trends in physical activity was held during the second day of MOVE Congress 2015 focusing on the topic “Running across the world – why are recreational runners part of one of the fastest growing markets and what can clubs do to recapture their interest?” The workshop was moderated by Rebecca Steele, […]

Move Congress 2015 on the way!


This year the MOVE Congress will be held in Copenhagen from 5-7 November and will gather 250 stakeholders from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Whilst awaiting the start of the MOVE Congress 2015 we asked some of the participants about their expectations for the outcomes of the MOVE Congress 2015 that would be important for […]

Brain Breaks practiced in Spain during MOVE Week


This year in Spain two new big partners have joined MOVE Week. One of them, CBRE, a real estate company that has 250 office buildings around Spain, decided that during Move Week they’ll be introducing Brain Breaks to their employees during their working hours. A school in Barcelona is also offering this opportunity to their students to improve their performance. […]

Ministry of Finance in Belgium celebrated the conclusion of MOVE Week

On Friday 25th of September Ministry of Finance in Belgium celebrated conclusion of their second MOVE Week with many different activities organised by and for their employees! The day stared with arrival of about 800 employees from all over the country to the grand final of MOVE Week in Brussels famous King Baudouin Stadium. People […]

MOVE Week spotlight: Ministry of Finance in Belgium taking their MOVE to the next level


Ministry of Finance in Belgium has been involved in MOVE Week this year with many big events and full week of activities in different cities across Belgium. Today will mark the grand Closing event of their MOVE Week activities, that is why we decided to ask the representative of the Ministry of Finance Florence Angelici some […]

MOVE Week news from Ireland with great tips for staying active at the office!


This year Ireland has organised something very special for the MOVE Week and promotion of physical activity around the country! On Wednesday 23.09.15 Community Games, HSE and Athlone IT organised a spin cycling challenge and completed a total of 293km. The cycling tour consisted of multiple relay teams that included 6 members who were cycling […]

MOVE Week in full swing in Belgium!

merle moveweek

From 21.09.15-27.09.15 MOVE Week is held in Belgium this year! Many new participants are organizing different activities as well as partners from previous years are making bigger events than last year to promote physical activity around the country ! Heusden-Zolder is not an exception and are committed to organizing many events that include walking, cycling, mountain […]

No Elevators Day in Brussels


On the 5th of June this year the first European No Elevators Day was held in different cities around Europe. Brussels was no exception to the occasion and multiple organisations and companies participated in the newly developed initiative. The participants were very active on the social media promoting their efforts on the day and were […]

Why physical activity is important at all ages, part II


When it comes to kids it’s not very hard to motivate them to be active and play, but it is also important to get the elderly people in your family moving. We highlight some new research on why physical activity has a positive impact of exercise on brain and motor function in older age in […]