“A good role model for the ladies” | Why Shirin Mehmood was a perfect fit for the This Girl Can campaign

Shirin Mehmood, Lead Officer for Birmingham of the the UK's This Girl Can campaign - ISCA MOVE Congress 2015

Despite only being one-year-old, the UK’s This Girl Can campaign is already reporting that it is “changing behaviour”. A recent study claims that 2.8 million women who know about the campaign say it has prompted them to be more active, while 1.6 million women say it has inspired them to start exercising. Launched by Sport […]

Children who sit too long may suffer health consequences


Adult-sized health consequences could affect children who sit too much when they grow up, according to a new study of healthy young girls. The study, by the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, shows that children who sit continuously for three or more hours a day may experience changes in their blood flow and arteries. […]

Doctors could prescribe Tai Chi to relieve chronic disease patients


Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese practice consisting of slow stretching movements, breathing and balance techniques, may provide relief among older adults with chronic diseases by improving symptoms and quality of life, a recent study says. The study, conducted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and published in the British Journal of Sports […]

Twice as many Lithuanians MOVEd this year!

LSU Move Week (2)

The Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) welcomed 1279 participants, twice as many as last year, during MOVE Week 2015. LSU offered different sport activities for them to try: a football 6×6 tournament, volleyball 3×3 tournament, orienteering and running events. Under the watchful eye of students and coaches, the children also had the chance to be active […]

40 minutes of outside play a day keeps myopia away


Unglue your children from the TV screens and electronic devices and ask them to play outside. It is good for their eyes!   Myopia (short sightedness) affects many school-aged children around the world and is fast becoming a major public health issue of our time. Nobody disputes genetics’ role in short-sightedness, but environmental factors also […]

How a handshake and some trust can make people Move across neighbouring countries


In 2014, the Association Sport for All Suceava (AJSPT) and Escalada Aventura Park Gura Humorului in Romania created an informal cooperation. “The partnership between our organisation and the Adventure Park is atypical. It began last year with a simple handshake. We’ve seen and liked each other and decided to go forward. Everything is based on […]

Cypriot sports club and municipality use MOVE Week to introduce special needs children to gymnastics

MOVE Week 2015 - Cyprus_1

Thanks to a partnership between Viron Sport Club and the Municipality of Larnaca in Cyprus, the children of the Saint Spyridon School for special needs students have had the opportunity to try gymnastics as part of MOVE Week 2015. The children practised their moves on the parallel bars, balance beam, trampoline or rings under the […]