A personal trainer in your hand

The era of smartphones and social networks has facilitated many aspects of our lives, including our physical activity workouts. From following YouTube channels with specific training sessions, to searching for groups of particular activities in Facebook, or using different apps to check your activity progress or calories burned, everything can be done and followed from the palm of your hand.

During the first NowWeMOVE event, No Elevators Day,  you will notice how little you need to change in your daily life to add some exercise and adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. And from there you can try to add even more, and this is where your smartphone can help motivate you to keep going. You don’t need anything else other than some useful apps to download. Here are some of our recommendations:

  •         Step Jockey: For those located in the UK this app is making some great changes to everyday office cultures. The company first label the stairs in the buildings and using your phone you can scan the data, start tracking your progress and even challenge your colleagues. A good motivation trick that uses team play and fun to get people involved.
  •         Moves: This app helps you track your general activity level in different exercises, like climbing stairs, walking (daily steps), jogging or biking, and also provides you with data about the number of calories burned during the workout.
  •         MyFitnessPal: More related to the food part of your healthy lifestyle, this app lets you record your daily food intake and exercise, following pre stablish calorie consumption or weight loss goals. It also has a website that is synchronised with the app.
  •         MOVE.ME: Only available in Portuguese, this app was developed by ISCA member Sesc in Brazil. It helps beMove.meginners to get into recreational running at their own pace, developing running workouts customised to the person’s physical condition and fitness level.

Blogs and YouTube channels are also helpful to motivate, inspire and recommend training sessions and workouts. Ask Deniza, Debbie in Shape and Fitnesstype are great options that will not only provide you with useful information, but will also be joining you by spreading the word about NowWeMOVE events.

Be smart and use your smartphone to create a real change.


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